An Afternoon At Gelinas Farm





No, I mean, you wanna go get some hay?

“I took these photos of my horse Dancer getting to know his new buddy Beau. Just like little kids, they were all friendly one minute, and then fighting the next. Dancer looks like he’s kissing Beau goodbye to head off to work. Dancer and Beau live at Gelinas Farm in Pembroke, NH.”



  1. I really love horsies. They have such soft faces & soulful eyes.

  2. What a bromance.

  3. Buckskins are tres beaux!

  4. Horsies are my true loff!

  5. I just died a little

  6. Chancy and his cats says:

    Now that is just nothing but sweet!!!

  7. NurseNoir says:

    Horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrse leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps…….
    Are they as velvety as they look?

  8. They are even more velvety. The softest places on the planet are found around horsey mouths. And what makes them even better are the lovely warm hay-scented breaths that come out of those lovely noses. There is nothing lovely than being nuzzled by a horse. Le Sigh.

  9. Theresa says:

    Horses ARE magic creatures. They lure you in with those huge, luminous eyes and velvety snoots, then they stomp on your feet, drool green drool down the front of your shirt, chew on your hair, and laugh at you!