I Can Has Tuna?

Put eet right here OK then.

Seen on the DP&F FB.



  1. Can we get early morning spew alerts so I can have a towel for my computer next time ? (pretty please)

  2. amyliz says:

    Such an ingenuis little kitteh! Hehe!

  3. It’s actually the tuna juice that my black cat, Felix, loves. And he can hear a can of tuna being opened hundreds of feet away. Amazing.

  4. Kitty is ingenious!

  5. jujube says:

    Coffee and CO can be a very messy combination.

  6. Very crafty little kitty and very good penmanship.
    I say, give him the tuna.

  7. Beckah says:

    Clevah kitteh! *disposes of tuna* *snorgles and huffs kitteh essence*

  8. Catwhisperer says:

    You might want to do the snorgling/huffing BEFORE the tuna disposal. Just sayin’.

  9. I concur, Gigi. Here’s your tuna, kitteh!
    Love the way the hole frames that sweet little face.

  10. emmberrann says:

    Agree completely. While Picky eschewed hoomin tuna, kitteh tuna brought him running! He had selective hearing, too. He could differentiate between the sounds the can opener made for each kind.

  11. emmberrann says:

    The kitteh tuna parfum was always a little pungent!

  12. As seen on TV!

    The new, Popiel’s Maru-Matic!

    It it bats, it purs, it jumps in boxes!

    Order within the next ten minutes and we throw in the purse-sized Tainee Tabbee[tm] free!

  13. I want to bop that nose

  14. 😆 Yep 😆