Well We’re Movin’ On Up, To The East Side..

..to a deluxe apartment in the sky-y-y-y-y!

Hilary P.: “This is Andy, hanging out in the ‘garden’ -a planter box on the external side of our balcony railing, on the 11th floor. He and his sister don’t seem to have a fear of heights!”



  1. Stinky-inky says:

    Okay, but I do. Please bring your cat(s) back inside.

    P.S. I don’t think this is very cute.

  2. Mimzysmom says:

    You need screening, this is definitely not cute

  3. 😯 !! I would never ever let my one of my cats do that.
    I freak out when they jump on top of the bedroom door for gosh sake!

  4. halo969 says:

    This is giving me anxiety. Please don’t let your cats out there again; it’s not safe for them. Just because they aren’t scared doesn’t mean they belong there!

  5. This is so not cute. Cats can and do fall from great heights (mine fell from a 4th floor rooftop patio) – especially when they see a bird or something and the “jump at it” instinct kicks in.

  6. Shannon says:

    This looks photo-chopped, so to speak. And unsafe.

  7. scary!

  8. Katherine says:

    Cute kitteh. Scary situation!!!!!!!!

  9. Definitely not cute… it’s a ‘how not to’ or ‘before our trip to the vet’ picture.

  10. Saffron says:

    How does kitteh get there? Not sure how claws would find purchase on round slick rail…..

    OK I guess, but would not put my kits so high above a road without any screens to protect them….

  11. maybe they need a planter box on the other side of the railing?

  12. people think cats are invinsible and can’t ever fall – but they are not so lucky. lots of animals can get hurt or be made ‘no longer living’ from this type of thing. please keep your cat inside!!

  13. agreed….what is she thinking?

  14. Aaaaagh! That scares me to death. My kitty loves to sit on the railing of our loft over our living room, and I have spent lots of time trying to figure out how to prevent his doing that.

  15. My thoughts exactly. Please keep Andy and his sister safe and inside!

  16. I agree with everyone else; this isn’t cute, it’s terrifying! 😦 Keep your cats inside where they’ll be safe from falling from such a height!

  17. Coffee Cup says:

    It does look a little photoshopped. Kitteh is very bright, but that’s the nature of white fur, too. I could give it the benefit of a doubt.

  18. Coffee Cup says:

    I’d definitely keep cats inside at all times, but some people don’t have that option. A lot of people adopt cats that are truly indoor/outdoor cats and need to be outdoors. If you live in a high rise, like these folks do, what are you supposed to do when the cats want to spend time outdoors?

    I’m not saying this is wise, but I’m saying that I bet there’s more to the story.

  19. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Of all the commenters who suggested that cats can fall off of balconies, you were the most polite, least demanding and most free of BOSSY CAPITAL LETTERS OF ALL!


    –Grumpy Mod

  20. Coffee Cup says:

    Their paw pads have surprising grip.

  21. Tony James says:

    “And on the 8th day He looked upon his creation and said, “Let’s see – I’ve created man and woman and fish and pandas and lemurs and hummus and bagels; is there anything I missed?” He cast about and saw that he had a rib that he hadn’t used. “I know,” sayeth the Lord. “I shall create nuffs, so that message boards may ring to the sound of drama.”

  22. And the rib was tickled.

  23. DON’T DO IT……EVER.

  24. I agree, cats aren’t as graceful as some might think. When my cat was a kitten we had a loft which was only a 10 ft drop, but we were told to block it off from her until she got older. Of course we found out quickly she was a Houdini and Stubborn and managed to twist, jump, and squeeze her way through all the items we used to block her from the stairs going up the loft. While we were there to witness it, she fell three times, luckily feet down! God only knows how many times she fell when we were not home.

  25. doomchild says:

    Cats. Masters of “I do this because I can. Deal with it” -face.

  26. doomchild says:

    I’m worried about what came out of the thing whose ribs were used in making lemurs and bagels and forum flamers?

  27. I was just thinking, Sharpy, we haven’t had a good ’nuff session around here for a while. Do you take your popcorn with salt and extra butter?? Or shall we just slap some Tony Chachere’s on it?

  28. it also has impeccable grammar!

  29. A real tie-breaker.

  30. this is my boy. they grew up feral and love to be outside. unfortunately we do not have a house. they’re very careful and have great instincts.

    he’s happy and enjoying sunshine and some exploration 🙂

  31. tommygirl says:

    I’m skerd 😦

  32. That is one sassy little cat, you can see it all over his face: “Oh, is this bothering you? Does this make you nervous? What about if I do this? [reaches paw toward the edge]”

  33. I know! I keep telling the writers to post something about Justin Bieber’s monkey, or the latest Chinese Crested Pygmy Hippo breeds, but they’re just too dang nice. So I sit here, just waiting for something like this to happen.

    I don’t do popcorn. I do dessert. Dark chocolate, creme brulee, crepes, Nutella, ice cream, caramel…. oh man, I’m feeling nicer already.

  34. Nutellllllllllllllllllllllllllla.

  35. Jackie Rose says:

    I’m afraid of heights. Please watch out for dear little Andy.

  36. I’ll make ya some salted caramels 🙂 homemade is always better!

  37. wooooooooa! too dangerous, please put up a little barrier so he can’t step up on that side, it’s too dangerous, imagine if a car driver decides to hit the horn of the car, big jump and bye bye kitty.

  38. Snehizzle says:

    I’m sure you were well-meaning but there is a huge incidence of high-rise syndrome – i.e. cats suddenly seeing something, lunging, and falling off buildings – in major cities. Please be more careful!

  39. Warm Nutella on vanilla ice cream….

  40. *shouts distractingly* Look! A cute kitty in a planter box!!

  41. MinglesMommy says:

    Sorry, but this terrifies me. My neighbor lost a beloved cat when it accidentally fell out of a 5th floor window. I don’t even want to imagine what would happen from an 11th story window. Please… bring him inside, okay????

  42. MinglesMommy says:

    Agree 100%.

  43. Um, where’s the moderator? This does not belong on this site. It is not cute. It is dangerous and abusive. Shame on the person who took this photo, and this site for not using better judgement. And I actually love Cute Overload. But you need to be better…

  44. Tony James says:

    There weren’t many things left to make after lemurs and bagels and nuffs were created, and besides the only thing He was left with was a sort of gooey icky messy sludge that didn’t seem to fit anywhere. So He divided it in half – one half was used to make American cheese, the other to go inside Hot Pockets.

    The More You Know.

  45. No, no, no. What owner could possibly think this is okay?

  46. oaklandgrl83 says:

    Definitely photoshopped. The cat has no reflection in the glass. Unless it’s a ghost cat…

  47. Wooly Bully says:

    We have kitties that crave the outdoors so we’ve leash trained them and take them to the park and down to our shared urban garden. I’m sure we look like nutters but our kitties love their bi-weekly outings and it keeps them from going stir-crazy. However, we keep them close and on a halter so they are safe. This seems a bit unsafe.

  48. Worried says:

    To add to all of the above:

    Our cat fell off a seventh-floor balcony despite all the precautions, screens, mesh, barriers, etc. we put up. She went for a bird, we think, and we found bloody scrape marks on the side of the balcony. We were terrified at what had happened, and shattered by thinking what she must have gone through. We found her, took her to the vet, and just that ride, with the cat crying/doing the distress purr, was awful. She survived somehow, but there was a lot of pain and suffering and surgery and permanent damage. The cat’s thinking it’s fine doesn’t actually mean it’s fine to roam around at those heights. Young cats are foolhardy creatures.

    There’s a certain height beyond which the cat’s twist/flip in mid-air trick to land on its feet doesn’t work (those of you who are interested can look up the research on this).

  49. I had a kitten sneak out onto a window ledge and fall. Definitely wasn’t cute.

  50. Very scary! I hope it is removed… 😦

  51. Sharpy says:

    The moderator is right here. I’m so glad you like Cute Overload. You might want to put that shame stick down. My delete stick is waayyy bigger.

  52. Sharpy says:

    Wait, then what’s that in the Banana Stand??

  53. Sharpy says:

    It kind of gives me the twirlies, for reals.

    But I saved a turtle today, so I feel pretty good.

  54. Sharpy says:


  55. Sharpy says:

    Can I have them all?

  56. Sharpy says:

    Hmmm…. tell me a little more about the ice cream. Is the bowl like 400 feet wide?

  57. Very pretty kitty and a great view. I wish I had an 11th floor apartment with a balcony.

    I’d love to see another angle of this picture. My first thought was: how do the humans access those planters to put flowers in them? It looks like a long reach down to the boxes. I’m imagining there is an opening somewhere that the cat sauntered through to go play in the dirt. Probably not the case, but it makes sense in my head.

  58. kodalai says:

    I was so confused by this picture at first. I thought it was a cat photoshopped onto an aerial photo. Then I read the description and it all fell into place…

  59. doomchild says:

    Ooh, delish!

  60. doomchild says:

    I’m sure he can do the Roadrunner-thing too, you know, just step away from the box and stand still in the air. After all the laws of physics are optional for cats.

  61. doomchild says:

    Belphebe, you’re a mathematician, physicist or an engineer, aren’t you?

  62. Michael says:

    I’m definitely not one of those people who says he can tell by the pixels (whatever that means) but I, too, strongly suspect this is faked. I’m not sure we’d be able to see the reflection, but the outline is too distinct, the lighting doesn’t match — I’d almost bet money that’s a photo of a cat combined with a photo of a planter, not a cat in a planter. For the sake of all the anxious cat lovers, I hope so.

  63. Excellente, both. Definitely not enough TJ around these days.

    I came here for the nuffing. I agree it all looks a bit scary, but from all of the sad stories about cats falling despite every precaution (and my heart goes out to you all), I doubt there is much that can be done about it. I agree with the commentator above that there is probably more to the back story.

  64. ceejoe says:

    He looks like a beautiful healthy kitty. 🙂

  65. Jackie Rose says:

    When we see a furbaby in mortal danger, it’s only natural for us all to freak completely out. The kitty is beautiful, but PLEASE don’t let him play on the balcony.

  66. Coffee Cup says:

    Is this a natural response? I mean, this is a photo. This has clearly already happened. It’s not like you’re walking down the street and you see a cat perilously hanging out on an 11th floor planter. Seems to me that freaking out does absolutely nothing.

  67. ceejoe says:

    Amen. One of my life guiding principles is to make a difference in my little circle of life, and not dwell on all the negative crap that I can’t do anything about.

  68. mindadale says:

    Looks like there is room to go under the glass partition (for a kitteh, at least).

  69. Coffee Cup says:

    Plants are probably put there and managed by a home owners association (if those are condos) or an apartment management company that owns the building.

  70. how can anyone think this is ok? i feel sick.

  71. @doomchild, if I did work in any of those professions, I’d probably have the answer to my question! No, I’m just someone who has leaned on a balcony railing so I know how high the average balcony railing is and how hard it is to reach anything on the “floor” on the other side, especially if you aren’t a tall person.

  72. Andy's other human says:

    Thanks for enjoying Andy’s cuteness. :o)
    Everyone has different rules for their pets and children, I respect your opinions.
    Andy & George (sister cat) sneak under the railing.
    They are NEVER allowed on the railing. All 4 paws must be touching a solid surface at all times.
    They’re only allowed out when we’re there.
    In order to tend to that planter, I have to stand on a bucket (you can see it in the photo) and bend over the railing.
    Photo was taken with Samsung Galaxy Ace, no photo alteration, I got lucky with good lighting and a funky angle.

    We can’t in good conscience lock the cats inside our condo and never have them breathe fresh air, feel unfiltered sunshine, eat bugs, feel real dirt, eat grass, and enjoy being outside. We can’t afford a house so we can’t have a back yard. We can’t put up mesh and cages and things due to strata rules. It’s a risk we’re willing to take, We trust that they’re cautious, we respect that they have a need to be outside for their mental well-being. We would love to train them to wear a harness and play in the park (despite the dogs)- that is on our to-do list, along with being able to brush their teeth and trim their claws without fuss.

    thanks CuteOverload for posting!
    now to enjoy today’s newest cuteness!

  73. Blanche says:

    Good luck with your kitties! You obviously love them. Hope they are with you for a long long time.

  74. Thank you very much. Him and his sister were feral rescues. They extremely happy and joyful kitties!

  75. koala sweater says:

    kudos to you. who are all these neurotic people?

    i grew up on a farm. our cats were constantly in danger from climbing tree’s and roofs (80ft trees, 6 story silos), sneaking around farm equipment, and living close to a highway. the humans got hurt way more often than the cats did.

    cats can handle their business. i’m behind letting them make choices.

  76. I have no idea what American cheese and Hot Pockets are….. and I no longer want to….

  77. Lucky kitties.

  78. I moved into a new place with that kind of railing and spent several days trying to find the perfect piece of furniture to put in front of the railing so my cat could jump on that instead. I was an anxiety filled mess until I found a little bookshelf. I was terrified I would come home from work with a broken legged cat. 😦

  79. I second that!

  80. c@slow-burn.com says:

    Hi Sharpy,

    Of all the comments I have seen on this page, yours were the only sarcastic and grumpy ones, and you are the moderator from what I understand. Perhaps you did us the favor of screening the ugly comments. I would urge you to elevate the discussion further by exhibiting kindness, patience, and professionalism yourself.

    I know of one cat who has died from a balcony fall, and another that was injured. Before I learned that cats could be hurt in this way, I used to let mine out on high spaces. Now I know better. Why mock something that animal lovers should care about knowing, articulated in a respectful way?


  81. I wasn’t being sarcastic or grumpy! I was thanking the commenter for pointing out that cats can get hurt from falling without being off-putting. Who did I mock?

    And what time zone are you in?

    This post was from like, 1982, wasn’t it?