♬ Wake Up, Little Duckie, Wake Up! ♫

It’s tough to stay awake in class after pulling yet another all-nighter in Thomas Library. ZZZZZZZZZ (clunk.) (PS- wait til :33. Just. Wait.)

“Thanks to all for playing, but I think this video just won the Internet… or at least my heart.” -Cuteporter Richard C.



  1. Shannon says:

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    This was how I was at work this morning…well, and every morning for that matter. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but I am so not a morning person! Either way, this is adorable. Enjoy!

  2. I’ve seen a lot of cute pics and clips, but this… this might just take the cake. 🙂

  3. dgerish says:

    I watch certain college students do this every day in class.

  4. I love how he peep-peeps to stay awake.

  5. More proof that all life is related – I do the head shake thing to try to wake myself up too.

  6. The Original Jane says:

    So did the teacher take it away and put it in her drawer? That’s what our teachers did in grade school if we had anything distracting/fun that took our attention away from class.

  7. Martha in Washington says:

    This was definitely me at my 11:00 class yesterday!

  8. Hey lady! Can’t you see this little guy is trying to sleep!

  9. I was bowled over by the cute when I saw this yesterday. What really kills me though are the peeps.

  10. What kind of class is this?! I would love to just have a little duck companion at my desk! :3

  11. Hee hee dgerish, I’ve seen certain professors do this when students are presenting (not that I would do that…oh no…not me 😉 )

  12. Jimbeaux says:

    “I’m totally awake! Totally! Wasn’t nodding off!”

  13. Saffron says:

    Despite your warning, :33 keeled me DED.
    The most awesome evar.

  14. duck

  15. Not sure what’s cuter, that head shake or the waiting hands there to catch duckling.

  16. Ducklings are unbelievably cute!

  17. Closes his little peepers for a moment – I was getting concerned but then just as this duckylicious little fragment was nodding off there was this lovely hoomin hands available for rescute – and he was caught gently – and probably went fast asleep at once

  18. zolabunny says:

    That brash Aussie accent totally makes me homesick, ‘Because you had to start from SCRAAATCH’…..

  19. Love the headshake at the end!

  20. mplsdeb says:

    Totally. Was too cute.

  21. A Concerned Citizen says:

    Good lord, just when I thought the Overload had gotten as Overloady as it possibly could, here comes this little guy! Cuteness frontiers shattered anew!