The Ascent of Mt. Wilbur

Day 11: Have reached summit at last. Feeling of joyous exhilaration surrounds me — whoops, slipped off there. Like I was saying, my indescribable bliss at — whoa, there I go again — the sight of the panoramic view is — wha-HEY! Wow, somebody must have greased this mountain recently!



  1. Goats…. they really don’t give a crumb about the whole personal space thing, do they?

    Goatling says,” Hehe, I’ll getcha goat right here, buddy.”

  2. That pig is either really patient or really apathetic. XP

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Sir Edmond Billary Goat ascends the Pork Face.

  4. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Anyone know what type of goat that is with the brown head and white body. Love the piggy, love the goats.

  5. that one at about :40 was more an evacuation than a slip. porkins twitched his head and billy the kidd ran for the ham

  6. That is the longest snout on a pig I’ve ever seen.

  7. Mamabear says:

    Our pig loved to have the dogs/cats/kids climb or “waller” her. She’d usually grunt and roll over even farther on her side so they could better reach her belly then she’d get reeeeeal still so as to not scare off the cats. I think it’s like a pig massage.

  8. I was thinking the same thing(k)! That though it seems a tad rude to us, it’s probably like a (tiny leetle) massage to the pig. Heh!

  9. The Original Jane says:

    Yaaaah! I saw this yesterday on another site and hoped you’d get it. (Nothing I submit is ever featured.) 😦

  10. humminbirdie says:

    i think they might be Boer [goat] kids… whatever breed they are, they’re definitely kids!!!

  11. That comment is perfection. You are the elite in climbing The Pun.

  12. Melissa says:

    That is one patient pig! And I love the catlike move the teeny goat pulls around 0:44 – when embarrassed, take a bath! Shake it off!

  13. it was at :36. just in case you’re baroo.

  14. doomchild says:

    Had to read the headline before realizing that’s a kid and not a terrier :p

    Anyway this post really made me smile. A calm relaxed piggy laying free in the sun, with anipals keeping him company, and one little AD/HD kid doing what he knows best: being a kid… ❤

  15. *Sigh* Kids, y’know?

  16. Looks like it’s piggy-sage day at old Mc Donalds spa !

  17. Ably assisted by Sherpa Intense-ing Nor-goat.

  18. it’s like living with a cat…

  19. har! that really got my goat!

  20. Holly! says:

    and the pig said, “Zzzzzz……”

  21. Stressfactor says:

    I loff the waggy little tail on the goat! So adorabuls!!

  22. Why are baby goats compelled to sproing on everything?

  23. ceejoe says:

    Maybe it’s a happy thing. Like bunnies doing the popcorn thing.

  24. Like cats and zoomies – the mystery will never be explained.

  25. januaryfarmer says:

    Just a great day down on the farm and/or in the barnyard. Love the rooster!

  26. fleurdamour says:

    Shigoatsu massage

  27. Theresa says:

    Deep tissue massage!

  28. petless in Puddletown says:

    Way to tenderize the bacon!

  29. Go away Kid, ya bother me.

  30. Lurkensproingen, bumpenbangen. Whoopsie!

  31. thelittlemyrmidon says:

    That is one contented sow.

  32. dubyah1 says:

    Oooh, beat me to it! Shiat-sooEE

  33. 6rabbits says:

    Thought for sure Fird Birfle would be here coveting the sproingy bebeh goats?