It’s Captain. Captain Jack.

Or, Talented. Talented Jack. And, today is your day to catch the one, the only, the very talented, Jack!

Ta-daaaaa! (he’s just getting warmed up)

OK so far, pepperonis and ‘Nilla Wafers. But you cannot deny, the glint in his eye, and the plaid bow tie, makes Jack a classy guy.

Ladies and gentlepeeps! Please, eggs-amine this egg-cellent, eggs-traordinary eggs-ample of Jack using his egg-noggin’!

But that’s not all yolks! Now we’re going to kick things up a bit. Let’s go for a little drive:

“We love your blog! This is Jack. He’s a three year old Australian cattle dog we adopted from our local shelter in San Francisco. He’s really good at balancing things on his nose and head! Go to for more!” Nicole L.



  1. That mischievous sideways grin in the first picture is just too charming! What a rascal!

  2. What I find most impressive is that he doesn’t just gobble up those tasty snausage slices instantly.

  3. finajenny says:

    wow that is so cute…

  4. Catwhisperer says:

    What an impressively patient pup! BTW, does anyone else now have an old Billy Joel song stuck in their heads?

  5. Birdcage says:

    Is that an armadillo toy?

  6. ceejoe says:

    Raises hand. Huge Billy Joel fan here. 🙂

  7. Athena's Mom says:

    hahahaha Love “Stack on Jack” especially with the stuffed armadillo. He looks like he’s in on the joke and finds himself very very funny.

  8. Jack’s adorable, and he is oh so handsome in his bow tie.

  9. 260Oakley says:

    I propose a name for the newly popular “game” of balancing things on your pet’s snout: dominose. Or muzzle-loading.

  10. Oh I want to give this handsome boy a big hug!

  11. ceejoe says:

    And he does this simply be/c he loves his hoomins…

  12. Rachael says:

    Is that an armadillo on his head (or is he just glad to see me?)? 🙂

    What a handsome, patient guy! I loff me some Jack.

  13. DogEared says:

    dominose *snerk*

  14. Saffron says:

    I don’t remember that ep of Torchwood where Captain Jack put food on his head. But I would definitely watch that! 🙂

    And YAY for resqte!!!!!

  15. edmundh says:

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been an attempt to stack a stack of flapjacks on jack!

  16. Any relation to Oolong..?

  17. Coffee Cup says:

    I thought “het, that bow tie looks familiar…” And I realized I bought Mr. Coffee Cup a similar one a few years ago.

  18. Michael says:

    Okay, I’ll be the first person worried at Jack being off leash (at least I don’t see a leash) out in, or right next to, the streets of San Francisco (poses 4 and 7). (Why am I suddenly thinking of Karl Malden and Michael Douglas?) I’m sure he’s so well behaved he’d never run off, but those are famous last — look, a squirrel!

  19. I thought that looked like a Blue Heeler. They are very smart dogs and love to be kept occuppied (if not, they will find something to chase / herd). A heeler in San Francisco seems a long way from his natural habitat on a cattle station!