Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,

“who is the… yadda yadda yadda.” (snarkiest of them all. Rolls eyes.)

Alicia D. is a huge fan of Cute Overload and Snow White. She tells us “…as soon as I came up with the concept of making a magic mirror I knew I had to make it! So this weekend I finally made my DIY project, and while photographing it, my kitty Henry jumped up to check it out…. And that’s when I snapped a picture of what I thought was the most clever way he could’ve told me how truly special he thinks he is! LOL I wish I was that witty to position him there but he totally did it himself.”



  1. I used to have a mirror in a frame exactly like that one. it didn’t come with a handsome feline assistant, though.

  2. ceejoe says:

    He’s beautiful!

  3. Tamara says:

    De toute évidence, Henry pense que son nom soit orthographié “Henri”! Magnifique!

  4. The Original Jane says:

    Some are just born to rule. Like cats.

  5. That cat is so flooftacular! He reminds me of Charlene Butterbean at the ittybittykittycommittee.

  6. Show White can go back to the dwarves! Henry is the fairest of them all.

  7. “Damn, I really am that gorgeous.”

  8. Henry is the fairest of them all and he knows it! LOL:-)

  9. Athena's mom says:

    Henry looks just like my Ragdoll Hamilton!

  10. AWW 😀 Henry is one handsome boy kitty you have there, Alicia D. 😀