Hey Kids! Ferret Roll-Ups!

Real ferrets and fun, rolled up into one. The sugary sweet and tender treat!

“Here is a picture of my adorable ferrets shnuggling in their leetle hammock. They love each other very much and this is how we find them every morning. Their names are Bones (albino) and Musculus (Mus for short, cinnamon). Hope you enjoy our picture!” -Sender Inners, Colleen C. and Patrick B.



  1. skippymom says:

    That’s it. I am getting a ferret. Or two.

  2. Rachael says:

    skippymom, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I won’t be going to the Maddie book signing thing in Brookline later this month. Sowwy. Maybe we’ll meet one of these day. *hug*

  3. skippymom says:

    *inconsolable sobbing*

  4. skippymom says:

    (actually I had kind of forgotten about it)
    Another time, perhaps.

  5. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Like most kneesocks, ferrets do best in pairs, especially when they’re balled up like this.

  6. belphebe says:

    Sigh. So peaceful. Want! But I have to wait another year before I get pets again. I plan to take some overseas vacations and then I’ll “settle down” with a whole apartment full of furry kneesocks! Maybe a cat or two as well. We’ll see.

  7. Smartypants says:

    Aww, it’s like a ferret Valentine – the tenderness!

  8. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    So sweet! I almost hit Q instead of W, which would have come out “So squeet!” I think I just invented a word.