There are no words to describe how cute this squirming mound o’ fur is.


The. Puppy. Pile.

Keith Hopkin, how do you do eet?



  1. I have never seen white German Shepherds before – they are gorgeous. My preference is for the hovering ‘tocks in the feeding video.

  2. SlaveToCat says:

    After teasing mom with the puppy video, don’t get upset if she peels your apple apart trying to free her puppies.

  3. DogEared says:

    does Keith Hopkin need an assistant…? because that would be my dream job.

  4. I too have never seen white German Shepherds before. They are very beautiful! All of the videos are adorable!

  5. Hovering ‘tocks rule. I also like:
    1. The one little dude on the Mom taxi in the feeding one
    2. Mom classic baroo in the last one

    And srsly, how many puppies are there?! It’s like “101 German Shepherds.”

  6. skippymom says:

    Watching this makes me want to have a bunch of babies.

  7. I counted 11 but I could have missed one ..

  8. I love how she’s watching them on the screen and thinking ‘Where the eff are my bleedin’ babies” as she peers around the corner to double check….so cute, poor confused mummy…

  9. Chancy and his cats says:

    That it is very large puppy pile. Mama is wondering how her babies got on that computer screen. Love the way she tilts her head to listen. Hugs and nose kisses

  10. Rachael says:

    I loff the Mom taxi pup too. I wonder if he’s the same one who tried to crawl to the meelk bar from the front end. 🙂

  11. forgetmenow says:

    Am I dreaming that this was just on CO within the last week or so and some months before that? I don’t want to harsh anyone’s cute, just checking my own short term memory.

  12. I say, that’s rather a lot of puppies.

  13. edmundh says:

    I think mommy here is one of the White German Shepherds in the video “Savour Every Moment” posted a couple of weeks ago. It was also by Keith Hopkin.

  14. Awww momma! She’s so concerned by the babies in the interwebs. So cute.
    Although, my favorite might have been the *cronsche* on the tocks in the third video around 0:48

  15. ceejoe says:

    Yeah, me too – especially the parts where all 11 are whining at the same time.

  16. skippymom says:

    Yeah, I didn’t actually mean it, either. Cats are way better.

  17. That’s it. I’m clocking out for the day. Teh Qte has turned me into a glittery pile of goo. ErMehGerd PUPPIEZ!

  18. I was really mesmerized the first time I saw a white German Shepherd. It looked like a ghost version of a regular German Shepard! So cool.

  19. CathyDee says:

    THE TOCKS!!!!! OMG, THE TOCKS!!!!!

  20. Michael says:

    I didn’t know there were white German Shepherds, and there may not be, only because it may be a separate breed — the White Shepherd http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Shepherd . Cute as it is, the first video causes me anxiety. There are more puppies than there are feeding stations, and that situation always seems Darwinian to me. I could not begin to count them, but there are SO MANY puppies in the later videos that I assume they all survived until they could eat solid food. But I always worry that the runts will go hungry when they are still on milk.

  21. I thought the same thing Michael…………..

  22. Emmberrann says:

    “Where are mah bebehs? Ah hears dem, Ah sees dem (in dat box), but Ah does not smell dem. Dey not in back of da box eider. Baroo (tilting head)? Ah needs to feed dem. Dey lookin’ for de meelks bar, Ah can tell. But where are dey?

  23. We had a white shepherd in the 70’s (before they were recognized by AKC). She was so beautiful and smart! I would get a lump in my throat just watching her run. That beautiful white coat…the black skin, nose and eyes. I still miss her. She opened doors with ease. Had to lock the freezer with a key; the refrigerator was fair game. She needed a lot of training; she was a little stubborn. Loved watching her play with my daughters’ teeny black cat. Poetry in motion.

  24. I love the first videos, but that was just wrong to confuse a new mom like that!!!

  25. pupfanatic says:

    Take it back!!!!


    All puppeees

  26. pupfanatic says:

    Well, there was a hoomin who taped this so obviously, he/she can fill in w/ some extree mulk if needed, rt? I’m sure they live in el lap of luxury (I hope!)

  27. Michael says:

    Well, yes, but with that many puppies, keeping track of who got a feed, or even being able to tell, with all that squirming, who’s actually feeding and who’s merely trying to — I guess you could weigh them, like a zoo would, and feed anyone who’s underweight by hand. But my real hope is that the mommy dog was patient enough (and made enough milk) that she could just lie there until the bid ones had drunk their fill and left, and the small ones could have a turn. When it comes to feeding babies, there’s no substitute for the real article direct from the tap.