Interview With The Guinea Pig

Prime takeaway from this interview: toilet paper is not just for your bum. It’s soft & chewy.

Smedley made the discovery. From Pets Add Life.



  1. doomchild says:

    Brilliant! And no, sweetheart, I couldn’t tell your shell was self-made. Looked just like the real thing!

  2. Another one,

    Ya, it’s an ad but it’s hilarious.

  3. Mamabear says:

    He’s already channeling Obi-Wan, I so Wan-na see someone put this piggeh into this video:

  4. januaryfarmer says:

    Crazy excellent!

  5. Here’s another great one! It’s in French with English subtitles.

  6. Betty Pickett says:

    Oh……..this is good. Share-worthy!

    Date: Mon, 6 May 2013 08:16:10 +0000 To:

  7. Shazzie says:

    Another amazing video by Andrew Grantham, aka Klaatu42, done for Pets Add Life. Just brilliant!

  8. rescue gal says:

    Yes, I am quite in love Mr. Grantham! Brilliant and talented man.

  9. Rachael says:

    Klaatu42 is the best thing on the interwebz! Those vids never get old.

  10. Awesome!

  11. Martha in Washington says:

    So now I want a guinea peeg AND a turtle!!!

  12. Sharpy says:

    In Fronsch?! Who knew!

  13. kodalai says:

    I also use it in lieu of tissues.