Are We Going On a Trip?

I enjoy this box. You may carry me in it and drop me off on Cat Island.

Josh N. does it again.



  1. My cats do that to me when I get the suitcase out to pack for work trips. It’s so cute, but it always makes me feel a bit guilty–“You’re leaving AGAIN?”

    Cute kitteh in this shot. Good work, Josh N.!

  2. Great Photos – funny, when you get out your suitcase, they are all in it, but get out the carrier to go to the vet and . . . . .

  3. wuyizidi says:

    That looks exactly like my cat. She has also gotten into the suitcase (and the drawers) when I’m not looking. One time I even closed a large drawer with her in it without realizing. Now I make it a habit to locate her exact whereabouts before leaving home each day.

  4. Long ago I accidentally shut my cat into the closet when leaving for work. During the time she was there (about 10 hours) she managed to crack her tailbone trying to get out. So, she had to have her tail amputated. 😦 She did okay with it but for many years I had notes on all my closet doors, “Do you know where your cat is?” to remind me to check for her. Live and learn!

  5. finajenny says:

    I dream of having a cut before but since I’m allergic to furs I just enjoy what other people share about their cats/pets.. 🙂 I wonder how it feels to have pets at home.. ?? 😦

  6. I’ve also accidentally years ago locked one of my cats in a closet for about 8 hours. Luckily I think all mine did was sleep didn’t even meow when I came in.
    At least he was sleeping when I opened the door to hang my coat,

  7. This is my cat Rufus. Luckily he’s a bit large so he fits perfectly in a suitcase. I want to make cat beds that looks just like suitcases, or maybe cat carriers in the form of a suitcase. Just leave them on the floor and they would have to crawl inside.

  8. Coffee Cup says:

    That’s a great idea! I would buy a suitcase redone as a cat bed.

  9. Rufus is such a beauty!!

  10. My cat is due for his rabies vaccine soon. Gotta think about taking him in a suitcase….

  11. It’s not gonna work. The whole reason they like the suitcase is because it’s not a bed and they know you need it for something else and he’s in the way. That’s cat logic.

  12. I accidentally shut my cat’s tail-io in the up and over garage door, because I didn’t realise he was lounging on the roof with it hanging down, at least until he gave one almighty squawk and landed on my head. He didn’t need to have it amputated, though, thank Dog.

  13. Rufus is gorgeous, Josh, thanks for sharing him with us. I second viv, in relation to cat carriers. They always know…….

  14. THe closet is nothing. I closed the door on the refrigerator on my poor kitten. Somehow, she came out unscathed a few hours later. One life down for her, one small heart attack for me. I was grateful for the outcome

  15. T.U.M. says:

    “Look, you’re either going to have to let me come with you, or let me hair up your travel clothes in advance. Like the mechanic says, you can pay me now or pay me later.”

  16. there already is such a thing!! you may find them on etsy!!

  17. tortie cat!!! weee!

  18. Catwhisperer says:

    Hmmm… You might be onto something there.

  19. Oceanview says:

    So use the suitcase to take your cat to the vet. Next problem?

  20. Good picture, Josh N. 😀