OMG DERBY DAY PONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!!

ffgf [Say like Foghorn Leghorn:] Ah say, ah say, Suh and M’am, in honah of too-day’s Hunerd N’ Thirta Ninth Runnin’ of tha Roses heyeah in Luh-ville, ah’d like to show off these heyeah Pacific Pintos Vid-e-yo Presentayshuns. Y’all enjoy while ah set a spell on the ver-an-duh with this heyeah mint joo-lep. Mmmm, that hits tha spot dahlin’, but a little moyah sugah….if you pleeeease.


Videos from Pacific Pintos of Ft. Bragg in No-tharn Cal-ee-forn-ya, son.



  1. Presto says:

    That would be NAW-thun Cali-FAWN-ya. I have dwelt in the GLAW-rious south all my days.

  2. mollykubik says:

    Hot Cocoa with a marshmallow on top!

  3. OMG bebeh PONIES!1!!1

  4. Cleosmom says:

    wow, wow!! what, what are these things … legs? legs! look what I can do .. wheeeee

  5. Prefer the Bryant Park Stakes myself

    And there’s the frog!!!

  6. Theresa says:

    Mint Juleps in the Mod Lounge!

  7. weaselwardancer says:

    Love the pix but please learn the difference between ponies and foals.

  8. Susan Scott says:

    Love them all Joanne! WEASELWARdancer your name fits your negative attitude! Joanne knows the difference between ponies and foals! I frankly am sure she has more knowledge about miniatures than you do! I am so sick of people who pop off a nasty comment like that and post it without a second thought about how hurtful it is! ………Sorry Joanne, I couldn’t help responding…if you want to delete her comment and mine please feel free, I would understand!

  9. Erin Meany says:

    that is so weird! I live near Fort Bragg North Carolina.

  10. O.k. how many of us rooted for Charming Kitten to win the derby JUST because of the name ??

  11. these creepy eyes

  12. Christine says:

    Are these the most Adoraboo little things!! Love the frisky leg kicking, frantic running and then STOP, little legs straight as sticks! they are just discovering their worlds and are so full of life!!!!

  13. @Susan, “I am so sick of people who pop off a nasty [attack on a person’s username] and post it without a second thought about how hurtful it is!”

    You want to disagree with the comments, fine. But don’t attack a person’s username, especially when you don’t understand the username and decide to perpetuate a stereotype. A “weasel war dance” is not a negative thing. Look it up on youtube.

    Who is Joanne? Is Brinke Joanne?

    Regarding the actual animals in the videos, they are all gorgeous and so filled with joy at being alive! I would say that the way that Pacific Lalique is cavorting around is very similar to a “weasel war dance”, that taking off running and jumping just because s/he can!