CO Afternoon Pick Me Up

Everybirdy needs a little help with the mid-day slump now and then.

When you have a jam-packed flower nectar agenda there’s no time for siesta.

This emerald hummingbird gem recently needed a little boost to get through the day.

Fresh air, flowers and a helping hand perked the flying jewel right up.

Amanda H. tells us, “This was on a rainy day in Estes Park, Colorado. I got up close to take a few pictures, and the little guy wasn’t fazed, so I held my hand out – he landed right on me! He must have been cold so we were best friends for just a few minutes.



  1. lovely, just lovely

  2. How does this happen?

  3. Luckeeeeeeeeeeeee !

  4. What lovely pictures! Thank you, Armanda!

  5. I must have the hummingbird-frightening face. When I tried to take photos of them, they flit away at top speed.

  6. Leilani says:

    Just call me I. M. Envious!

  7. SlaveToCat says:

    If I tried to hold a humming bird steady, in one hand, while trying to point, focus, and take a picture with the other hand, I would fall over into the potted plants. Of course the humming bird would turn into a laughing bird.

  8. SlaveToCat says:

    Some people get to live a Kodak life.

  9. Snort that lovely sugar, you crack baby.

  10. bob drummond says:

    okay , U R I M Envious !!! So are we all !!! 😦

  11. bob drummond says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 lol !

  12. bob drummond says:

    Hey ! That ain’t sugar – that’s pure nectar !!!

  13. amyliz says:

    Such a beautiful little bird! Who ARE these people who get to live these magical moments? (Shakes fist at the universe for not makning me one of those people.)

  14. I want to know what kind of flowers those are so that I can have these moments for myself!

  15. I want those blue flowers.

  16. Oceanview says:

    The orange flowers are Calibrachoa (try saying that three times fast), known as Million Bells, and the blue ones are lobelia.

  17. mimsie borogove says:

    HUmmers are pretty fearless. A hummingbird would come and take a shower everytime I watered the lawn with my sprinkler. He had a favorite setting, so I’d always start with that setting, and when he was finished with his shower, I’d change to the setting. He’d fly around my head.

  18. Oh i want a hummingbird to sit on my finger! How about a hummingbird ring?