The Notorious F-I-G

Without a doubt a couple of these are Nosevember candidates…but we can’t wait 6 months.

Greer B. (full name = best name ever) sent these in. “This is Fig (a.k.a. Figgy Smalls, Fig Poppa, The Notorious F.I.G.)! She’s always patient with me…which is surprising, considering I have an annoying habit of balancing things on her incredibly flat head. Thanks for your time and for keeping up such a fun site!”

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  1. sabrina rose says:

    I love these darling, funny pictures! What a great dog and a fun sense of humor!

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    What’s with all the slideshows today? I read Cute Overload through a feed reader and can’t view any of these.

  3. Figgy Smalls… Haha!

  4. Sharpy says:

    Fortunately the floodgates of cuteness aren wide open and you need only blink and a new one will appear!