OK Maru, We Get It

Apparently you need not be a portly Japanese furball to love boxes.

Submitted by Cuteporter Meaghan G. and many others: video from Big Cat Rescue.



  1. Katherine says:

    That. Was. Adorable!

  2. yaaayyyy! big cats! big cats!

    they also love: balls, blocks of ice, christmas trees, catnip, beer kegs, perfumes and essential oils, papier mache (balls and pinatas and stuff, not like they’re sitting down to craft time)

    BCR is much bigger than the one where I volunteer. the kitties look like they’re treated very very well and are quite happy 🙂

  3. Jumanji and Rusty are my favorites! Rusty looks utterly glamorous!

  4. Maru’s not portly! It’s all his fur. It makes him look poofy.

  5. I know that every one of these felines would take a hand off if I tried it, but I still want to pet them. >.<

  6. T.U.M. says:

    He’s just cobby!

  7. Monica says:

    Great video…thanks for sharing.

  8. is it Boxing Day already ?!?

  9. A cat is a cat no matter the size, they are all cute and like to play.

    But I’ll sitck with the domestic kind, I wouldn’t want to have to clean the littler box for one that size! 😆

  10. He’s under-tall for his BMI. I share that characteristic with him. What’s the problem?

  11. Oceanview says:

    Raindance, the lynx, was my favorite. He knew exactly what to do with the box and was very Maru-like in all his lovely floofiness.

  12. I love Rusty too. “I look regal in this place, non?”

  13. I especially like the scaredy-cats. “WAH! The big scary box moved! RUN AWAY!”

  14. ceejoe says:

    I liked that too. 🙂 As if they couldn’t rip the box to shreds in 2 seconds flat!

  15. YAY tracylee!!!

  16. SlaveToCat says:

    Somehow I don’t think they would bother with a litter box since they didn’t grow up with indoor boxes.

  17. Mine too.

  18. Rachael says:

    Stunningly beautiful! They are so elegant and dignified, yet playful as kittehs – not a bad combination at all. Their floor doesn’t seem quite as clean as Maru’s though. 🙂

  19. kimcan says:

    I don’t quite get the appeal of Maru, but this I get. I think my favorite was Arthur the Lion. He came, he explored, he conquered. And, he seemed VERY proud of himself.

  20. *giggles at the thought of big kitty craft time*….thanks for the laugh TL 🙂

  21. tommygirl says:

    I was highly amused by this video 😀

  22. Theresa says:

    I SUBMITTED THEES! ME! ME! ME! *stomping little feet*

  23. twocityshibas says:

    Poofy, eh? I didn’t buy that excuse from the mammoth, I’m not buying it from the cat. 😉

  24. Theresa says:

    I liked them too– I love the leopards. If you look at the rest of the BCR videos, you see that the leopards are like the Three Stooges of the facility.

  25. wuyizidi says:

    So who’s going to tell these apex predators that they need to go to boxhab?

  26. Thank you!

  27. Theresa says:
  28. Sharon Wilson says:

    I noticed the big cats destroy the boxes–love how the lion flattened his! Only the smaller cats seem to treat the boxes properly–with the exception of Raindance the lynx. BTW, LOVE the flippy tails on the lynx and serval–just like Maru!

  29. Rex's Mom says:

    That was awesome. I got such a kick out of the ones that were afraid of the box. ha ha Just goes to show, you may king of the jungle, but there’s not denying the allure of a good cardboard box!

  30. Athena's mom says:

    I LOVE this place. I went there and stayed in a little cabin for the weekend. I had two lynxes (Natasha/Willow) of my own in the back enclosure and got to take a tour, feed lions, feed cougars (scary-hyper), pet the lynxes/bobcats and a Serval (Esmerelda-I think she’s gone now). It was magical. There was a bobcat named Raindance when I was there who tried to sit in my lap. But she’d be 20 now so I think it may be a different one. It was the highlight of my life. PS: There is no kitteh softer than a Lynx. Funny/gross side note: The lynxes and bobcats would all back up and try to pee on you-you had to push their tails down when they came up to you, because they wouldn’t mark their own tails!

  31. My favorites were Andre and Arthur, the tigers. I loved how the one didn’t even bother trying to climb into the box. Just kept walking forward until he could trample over the side. No box was making him high-step or pounce! Purrsonallity was also a playful cutie. Ah heck.. I loved them all.

  32. a kitteh is a kitteh is a kitteh!

  33. fleurdamour says:

    It’s like they’re all in together for big cat boxhab! I bet the group therapy gets a bit territorial.

  34. I so wanted a Maru-jump. Thank you Orion and Ares,

  35. I am so tempted to put out a giant box and see if I wake up with a lion or tiger in it the next morning.

  36. Me too! So cute! “Yes I am the king/queen of the jungle, but this empty box is slightly TERRIFYING!

  37. Tabitha Olson says:

    That is hilariously cute. I’m also tempted to put out a giant box. However, i wonder what my cats or dogs would do with it????????????????

  38. Tabitha Olson says:


  39. Proof all cats need box-hab, no matter what size! Dr. Drew, this is a job for you!

  40. That. Is just the BEST video. Will keep me smiling all day now. 🙂

  41. Amen to that.

  42. This took me to my happy place. I love big kitties, on our honeymoon we stopped at a wildlife place that has a big cat education/preservation program and they let you hold the babies, I got to cuddle a baby version of Jumanji – so awesome.

  43. maxtben1 says:

    I love Jumanji’s personal home decor touches.

  44. Does anyone know the name of the piano rag background music?

  45. AWW 😀 Thank you, Theresa 😀