Resemblance, There Is

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From Michelle G.



  1. he’s playing Tune In Tralfamador

  2. emmberrann says:

    The Cute is strong in this one.

  3. A Kitteh’s strength flows from the Cute.

  4. Much fur I sense on you.

  5. For many years the Bodhi Tree bookstore in L.A. had three pictures hung next to each other. There was Yoda in the middle, flanked by a cat and Joseph Campbell. You could really see the resemblances!

  6. Hmm… I wonder if I still have my old morphing software anyplace… :mrgreen:

  7. 6rabbits says:

    Wanting that kitteh I am!

  8. May the fur be with you

  9. Kitten cuter than Yoda it is!

  10. Yep 😀