They Woulda Never Done This To Snoopy

sno“My wife and I love your stuff, so we decided it’s time we share who we think is the cutest dog in the world.

This is our beagle puppy, his name is Tintin and he just turned one year old. We took these today after his shower. We hope you like them as much as we do.” -Cindy & Alex V.



Commenter Timo Takalo said, “Now we just need a cat named Milou to play and cuddle with him, and the internet will implode.”

OK, here’s a kitteh named Milou.

Hover quotes by C.M. Schulz.



  1. NancyL says:

    Lets’ all give this anerable puppers what he wants!


  2. his ears look soooo soft
    I bet they are.

  3. annette says:

    Beagle ears are like velvet.

  4. ceejoe says:

    Got an almost-tocks shot there. 😉

  5. Did puppersons jump up there??!! I’m trying to figure out how he’s hanging there like…Hey, what’s up?

  6. Awww Beagle puppies are so cute.

  7. skippymom says:

    I am wondering whether they pronounce his name “Tantan”.

  8. Searching for what I call “kiss spots.” Hmmm, right on top of his head wrinkles, and on his cute nose freckles . . . and yes, very nommable earses.

  9. It’s okay Tintin. I have to shower when I’m stinky too.

  10. Tin tin is adorable!

  11. extra points for the name

  12. and so are their foreheads, after a bath

  13. Hello to TINTIN and tell your parents thanks for sharing your pics.
    velvet ears so very soft. just wanna kiss your nose rub my cheek against your ears 🙂

  14. Rachael says:

    Tintin is off the charts qte! I’m sure he knows it and uses it to his advantage whenever possible. Tintin has great hoomans!

  15. If you mean the French prononciation of Tintin (as in Tintin from the Belgian comics books) it’s very hard to find a sound in English that sound the same.

  16. Sounds like his presence might benefit the existential cat, Henri.

  17. P.S. in the Spielberg movie adaptation Tintin sounds like the tin in tin can.

  18. That schnozz is calling out for smootches.

    I miss having a beagle puppeh about. I grew up with a series of goofy beagles. They are the awesomest dogs (yeah, yeah…so very biased.)

  19. *gently noms beagle ears*

  20. Now we just need a cat named Milou to play and cuddle with him, and the internet will implode.

  21. Brinke says:

    Oh, you want a cat named Milou? OK.

  22. we can share, there’s one for each of us 🙂

  23. Yay for real live Snoopies!

  24. pupfanatic says:

    “Ohhh, what is that….velvet?” As said by Eddie Murphy via Jewish old man in Coming to America.

  25. pupfanatic says:

    My first love, my sister, was a beagle named Sunny. But, I didn’t know that Schnoopy was supposed to be a beaglette? What’s wrong w/ me?