Last One Down Came From a Rotten Egg

According to the YouTube uploader, “In front of the library at University of Maryland Baltimore County, the mother forced those little guys to jump down three giant steps.” (Video includes bonus fly-by from the Blue Angels, goose division.)



  1. Birdcage says:

    Sometimes the logic of a mama duckeh escapes me. Every year around this time there’s a youtube video or two with some behbeh duck odyssey where mama chose to nest in a place that requires an epic journey and amazing feats of daring-do to get the behbehs from the nest to the local body of water. Don’t you just wanna build a ramp for these little fellas!?!?

  2. Actually I wanna go pick each one up, snorgle it, then set it down. But I’m sure that would not go over well with momma duck.

  3. If they were football players, they would have gotten 3 credits for this.

  4. My first thought: Why doesn’t someone help them?? My second thought: Their reaction when they discovered the next perilous jump in their journey had to be “Mom? Are you f&%king kidding me??”

  5. It’s bugging me – what’s the name of the piece of music?

  6. In the Hall of the Mountain King, i believe

  7. rescue gal says:

    Cute and sad. I want to help them!

  8. freetomato says:

    Thanks! It was the tip of my tongue.

  9. At least mom was patient and waited for all the little ones to get down before moving on.

  10. shuger02135 says:

    That is such a metaphor for…something.

  11. And now that song will be in my head alllllllllll day long.

    Good thing I like classical music.

  12. Coffee Cup says:

    Not sure how people would be able to help. I mean, people don’t really have pre-built ramps in their backpacks for occasions like this. Why not? 🙂 I love animals and all, but I would be hesitant to touch a wild animal with its mother present and not knowing whether it would do more harm than good.

  13. I’m always impressed by how these little duckling’s bravery far exceed their mommy’s route planning skills…

  14. Martha in Washington says:

    I hold my breath as each one jumps and gasp when they land. I’m so glad that babeh ducks are bouncy!

  15. Emmberrann says:

    There’s some kind of wood duck that nests in hollow trees, many feet up in the air, and the bebeh duckies have to jump down to catch up to Mama, as she heads to the water. It always seems to be death-defying, except that there always seems to be a pile of leaves beneath the tree to cushion the (crash) landings! The bebeh duckies spread out their fuzzy little winglets and toe-webbings to try to slow down the “flight”. I am always, always in awe of their trust in Mama, and that all will be well.

  16. Any landing you waddle away from is a good one.

  17. sabrina rose says:

    I held my breath for the whole video. Ouch ouch ouch – must be like leaping off a cliff for the poor babies. But Mama knows best and they all made it and hopefully are enjoying a big dinner at the nearby lake.

  18. Scaredy cats er, boids.

  19. Given the size and aerodynamics of a bebeh ducky, I’m not sure it’s *possible* for them to be injured by a fall. It’s one of those square/cube law things in physics.

  20. Michael says:

    My first thought was, how does she intend to get BACK??? But since no one else has commented on that, maybe you all know something about duck behavior that I don’t. Are they never GOING back? Is this a trip from nest to pond and they will live in the pond from now on until they learn to fly and can pick any pond, lake or marsh that they want? Because, wherever they were coming from, they were not going to be able to get back by the same route.

  21. All those college students, all those backpacks, couldn’t someone build a “duck ladder” for those little ones?

  22. And a concussion.

  23. Meerkat says:

    Love the sound effects esp when the Goose Red Arrows did a fly-past – it’s like they were saying, ‘this is how you do it!’. We are honoured to have bebeh ducklets passing through our garden once a year and we always gather at the windows and squee!

  24. You said it for me. The hollows in the trees can be up to 60′ high. The ducklings seem to be made of rubber – they just kind of bounce – maybe it’s because they are so light. Anyway, these little ones don’t seem to be any the worse for wear after their leaps.

  25. ceejoe says:

    I’m not an expert either, but yes, I think she’s taking them to a body of water where they will live there for the future etc…

  26. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I saw a series of pictures where a mama duck built her nest on the ledge of an office building that was about six feet above a concrete sidewalk. One of the officer workers ran outside with a cardboard box, which he used to catch each of the ducklings as they jumped. He then proceeded to walk, with inexplicably unobjecting mother in tow, to the nearby pond.

  27. ceejoe says:

    lol… “inexplicably unobjecting”… I think I’ve seen that too…

  28. She’s also teaching them to rely on their wings a bit.

  29. Oceanview says:

    Actually, a ramp is legally required by ADA, American Ducklings Act.

  30. I think that’s become an annual event for that office.

  31. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Yep, I checked the snopes page (only place I was sure I could find it) and the citations at the bottom are:
    Blocker, Kevin. “Man Catches Ducklings Jumping from Ledge.”
    KREM-TV [Spokane, WA]. 26 May 2008.

    KREM-TV [Spokane, WA]. “Duck Makes Nest on Spokane Office Ledge … Again.”
    1 May 2009.

  32. OMG! The feetsies! The peeping!

  33. For normal people:

    …and for the metal heads:

  34. Hey, I live (literally) right around the corner from UMBC!