Amsterdam Vegetable Stand

Let’s see…I’d like some oranges…a few apples…those strawberries look nice, are any of them fuzzy though? On the bottom? No? OK. Oh, and I’ll take a box of cat. Looks like the last one YAY.


Anabel T. reports in: “Last week we were walking through Amsterdam and saw this cutie for sale in a vegetable stand. Well, I wouldn’t confuse her with carrots but I would want to take her home!” For you techies: Anabel’s shot came via a Canon EOS 7D.



  1. SlaveToCat says:

    The only thing that gets stolen from this cart is your heart.
    Esther is such a cute name for a kitty. Maru is jealous. His boxes don’t come pre-printed with his name.

  2. Coffee Cup says:

    Tineee Tabbeee!

  3. Cat-aloupe for sale!

  4. T.U.M. says:


  5. T.U.M. says:

    Plenty of Vitamin C in that cat, methinks.

  6. Well, the last kitty is taken. Let’s go to the next deli and see if there is any russian left. yay.

  7. 260Oakley says:

    Dutch Treat

  8. Nice to see Gordon Shumway’s produce business taking off.

  9. fleurdamour says:

    Yay, marmalade!

  10. fleurdamour says:

    At the fur-uit stand

  11. When I went to Amsterdam several years back (laws, I can’t believe it’s been a decade), shop kitties were a pretty common sight, even in restaurants. I remember being too distracted to eat sometimes because I’d be busy coaxing some feline out from under a table. XD

  12. This would be me… what do I want to eat… Ohhh cute kitty Here kitty kitty kitty!

  13. Google “Bodega Cats” for the NYC version.

  14. Kari Callin says:

    “Excuse me, can you tell me if that cat is ripe, and if so, how much for a dozen of them? Thanks you!”

  15. I need a cat protecting my fruit too.

  16. Emmberrann says:

    Would that be Russian Blue?

  17. Emmberrann says:

    My Grandma had a cat in her deli in the Bronx, a hundred years ago – He was a good mouser, and they used to loan him out to the other shopkeepers to help keep the meeses out of where they shouldna been. My mother adored him.

  18. allein says:

    Nice. 🙂

  19. yup. but I’ll definitely take a russian purple if there is any.

  20. Yuri Bell says:

    I want to do a photo book “Cats of the French Quarter” in New Orleans. Cats belong in the market. If there were more shop cats here, I’d be more interested in shopping.

  21. I would be under the table petting said kitty 😀