Maymo Vs. Robot Inchworm For World Supremacy

Or at the very least, supremacy of the living room.

Get more of Maymo here!



  1. kibblenibble says:

    I loff thees silly dog. Reacts the same way to the robot toy as to a lemon.

  2. Eets a krab.

  3. Sassafrass says:

    This dog is awesome. There is actually way better videos than this one on the youtube channel crackrockcandy. I highly recommend “the ultimate dog shaming” and “dog scared in deer head prank”. Love it!!!

  4. That is a crab. I gave sets of those crawly-bots to my niece and nephew, and got very satisfactory shrieks out of them. 😀

    Plus I wonder about this puppeh– so many freakouts! 😛

  5. “I peench”

  6. If we are going to mention inchworms (whatever that robo-critter may be), I feel obligated to share this (hoping I embed properly!):

  7. I’m guessing Maymo’s family doesn’t need to own a TV.Maymo and Penny provide entertainment every day!

  8. Rachael says:

    I loff me some silly Maymo!

  9. amyliz says:

    Thanks, CathyDee! I love Danny Kaye and I love Maymo…both are hilarious!

  10. T.U.M. says:

    Maymo is a fierce and mighty warrior, protecting his family from the scourge of robot toys.

    And limes and cabbages and stuffed deer heads and water bottles. And chicken dinners.

  11. if i could go back in time the only thing i’d change in the entire messed up world is i’d find out where maymo came from and snatch him for myself.