Ozzy The Weasel’s War Dance

“We gotta post this one!” -MF

All ye need do is ask, Cute Overlord, and eet shall be done.

Posted on YT by Frisco68, who added “The weasel war dance is a colloquial term for a behavior of excited ferrets and weasels. In wild animals, it is speculated that this dance is used to confuse or disorient prey. In domestic animals, the war dance usually follows play or the successful capture of a toy or a stolen object and is commonly held to mean that the weasel is thoroughly enjoying itself. (No background music on this one ‘due to a BS copyright notice.’)”

Ah, but there’s more! Say hi to Ozzy’s pal Eeyore, why don’cha.

And……..just one more. Because we can.



  1. If I ever form a thrash-eclectic-symphonic-metal band, I’ll name it Weasel War Dance.

  2. Is that a fox tail on the bed?!!!

  3. Pop! goes the weasel

  4. Oy! The speed! I need my vertigo pills!

  5. Seems I’ve seen this kind of critter in these parts before….

    In the “Vote! Vote! Like a baby Stoat” seaons….

  6. Blue Footed Booby says:

    You can basically string random words together and have a plausible metal genre. Electrodronedeath. Thrashtrancecore.

  7. Hairy Otter and the Hundred Acre Wood: Eeyorethur Weasley engages in some misuse of muggle artifacts

  8. rescue gal says:

    How is it his best friend is not a bouncy, flouncy Tigger? I think only a Tigger could keep up with all that bouncing! I would pay good money for energy like that!

  9. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Also: Speedwolf

  10. Maybe time to lay off the 5 Hour Energy, Ozzy!

  11. OH my! I’ve never seen a weasel before. How wonderful!! Manic little dude but so so so cute.

  12. If that little dude ever had a Red Bull I think he could achieve supersonic speed!

  13. In the static picture of the first clip I really thought the weasel was actually the toy. That little guy looks like an adorable stuffy!

  14. My wife said, “It looks like Whack A Mole.”

  15. shuger02135 says:

    That weasel has a cute ass!

  16. Once again, I find myself amazed that the weasel family doesn’t conquer all of existence! 😉 This little monster is wild perfection packaged in ADORABLENESS!

    Before everyone starts saying they want one, please remember this is a unique rescue situation and this is NOT a pet. Ferrets have been domesticated for centuries so… not the same thing.

    I am in love that little guy! XD

  17. HA! That was pure win! 🙂

  18. OMG, TINEE WEEZIE! Even full-grown, the thing is so teensy weensy — I have never wanted a weasel so badly.

  19. AAAaK, so teensy!

  20. Uh, who (or what) is under the covers in the first clip?

  21. Thrash-epileptic? 😯

  22. Martha in Washington says:

    I think it’s a matter of opposites attracting.

  23. Martha in Washington says:

    Yep, time to switch to decaf.

  24. whawhawhatsis says:

    And the weasel was bouncing around to my favorite ragtime music, too! The Maple Leaf Rag — once upon a time I used to play it. But I didn’t have a weasel to dance along with me. 😦

  25. Eee, you guys are posting so many mustelids these past few weeks! Do you have ANY IDEA how happy this makes me?? 8U

    Excuse me while I fangirl out a bit here: This little guy is a least weasel, one of the smallest species of the order carnivora at around 8 inches long and just over three ounces – and that’s the ‘big’ males – but they can take down prey up to ten times their size all alone, like rabbits and hares. You could compare that to a full-grown lion catching a rhino or hippo with no help at all.

    And the entire time, they manage to be INSANELY cute.

    Unfortunately, they only live about three to four years, which is way less than their mink and ferret cousins.

  26. Mustelids – nature’s craziest knee-socks.

  27. It’s two ferrets worth of crazy in half a ferret of size!

  28. L’l weasel makes a ferret looks like a couch potato.

  29. onionpencil says:

    not a real one, i’m sure.

  30. I surrender.

  31. Who’s up for a weasel war dance workout? Melt away the inches while claiming what’s yours!

  32. Watching the video with this music playing made me snort my afternoon coffee.

  33. OK, no more coffee for Ozzy!
    (Is he missing part of his tail?)

  34. Ashasaurus says:

    Me too! What a pleasant surprise when that tiny, totally adorable weasel started darting around.

  35. Frisco68 says:

    Great song for this video! Too bad I’ve had my fair share of trouble using songs in the public domain, so I’m staying far away from newer material. Thx for watching. Ozzy is going to get a mega steak soon.

  36. I’m saying it anyway… I want one!

  37. tenshihitomi says:

    /obligatory Heffalumps and Woozles joke

  38. Frisco68 says:

    Ozzy wil even attack my feet when hungry.

  39. Frisco68 says:

    Ozzy will even attack my feet when hungry.

  40. Kimmy S says:

    Oh I absolutely love him, I’ve watched this video so many times! I’ve never seen someone so excited before 🙂

  41. wannadance says:

    i have. a whole room of 3 year olds swigging down classic coke and chocolate cupcakes.