Gums Are Looking Good…

…nice and pink. Maybe a little plaque up there, but we can fix that in no time. Rinse, please.

“Baby Mama Sorrento aka Mama So (pictured in the left corner) gave birth to this beautiful filly (yet to be named) five days ago. I don’t own either of these horses but I board my own horse at the same farm they are at and everyone agrees that this baby is too cute.” -Krispy N.



  1. ” Too Cute” sounds like a perfectly good name to me ! (T.C. for short)

  2. OMG Ponies!!1!1!!111!1! Knobbular knees!! !11!!!11!1 Mama So is So proud of her new young’un.

  3. That fuzzy colt tail is precious!

  4. OMGPONIES!!11!1!11111!!!!!!!!!!!11!
    Knobbular knees + fuzzy tail = DED

  5. Mom photobombing her own baby’s photo. Cute!

  6. Yeepers – mom needs some Crest White Strips, stat! But bebeh is so precious.