Cuteness Drill!





  1. Those eyes kilt me good and ded.

  2. You had me at ‘knead’.

  3. Smallthunder says:

    Go ahead and scatter my ashes — this little (doxie?) pup not only killed me with his kneading cuteness, but pretty much incinerated me with one flash of those eyes.

  4. Mother Owl says:

    Just like my guy’s tiny butt…hear him scratching the crap out of his little bed or house and by the time I look at him all I see is the cuteness!!!

  5. I think I’m just gonna leave this up on my desktop all day….

  6. Dachsunds are compulsive diggers(not kneaders) and they make adorable expressions like this little one.

  7. so sweet. they have great temperaments, too!

  8. fleurdamour says:

    She had to hollow out a space for that nose to fit in.

  9. Oh, am I in trouble? *puppy eyes*

    You’re being manipulated. Eat it while you can.