They Use Us, We Use Them

That’s the way it works. The ol’ circle of life. Any questions?




1. “This is our beloved little guy Bear! He’s 10 yrs old.” -Rebecca B.
2. “This is Daisy and her foster dad, Steve Friedman.” -Susan L.
3. “This is me, fake-napping on Baxter.” -Hilary K.
4. “My boys,” from Sara W.
5. “Buckley the Beagle & Harry the Terrier mix commandeering dad’s nap.” -Brandi O.



  1. Sure that’s not a real bear?

  2. I.
    to be.
    the third.

  3. Omg, the boy and the puppy are beautiful.
    Well, they’re all amazing and heart-warming, but that one kilt me ded.

  4. Arrrggg! I just said the baby-dog word!!! [slaps self on side of head]
    I’m having some mac & cheese in the mod lounge – anyone want to join me?

  5. baileysgrandmom says:

    Well, it looks like there’s plenty o’ room for another hoomin or two on big fluffy dogue’s side–just hop on in!

  6. That’s me!! Yay! It was super awesome 🙂

  7. My thought, too! What an appropriate name…

  8. Man caves, indeed!

  9. Birdcage says:

    I’m sometimes sad that I don’t have a dog to nap on. And I don’t recommend napping on a parrot which is my only pet-opportunity-for-napping-in-this-house. Also my parrot isn’t well so I appreciate everyone’s warm-fuzzy thoughts & prayers for him.

  10. Birdage, i hope your feathered friend gets well!

  11. Baxter looks nearly as comfortable as a big giant sleeping Totoro.

  12. Okay! 🙂

  13. Lots of fuzzies and prayers comin’ your way for your dear parrot. I hope he makes a full and fast recovery. It’s so, so worrisome when our kids aren’t well. *big hugs*

  14. Great Pyrenees are great pillows! 🙂

  15. Healing thoughts to your birdie, and comfort to you Birdcage. Keep us posted.

  16. Sending warm fuzzies. What did the vet say?

  17. I really wish I had a big, fluffy dog to take naps with.

  18. These are so excellent! Please make this a TAG, maybe SPOONING. I liked all the real ones. And the one where they are trying to get Dad to wake(wrote wag first, how is that for freudian?) up is so cute. I would love to see more of these.

  19. *brings a fork….* I’m a lil late to the party…did you finish all the mac and cheese Ceejoe?

  20. Aw, Birdcage i hope your bird pulls through soon.

  21. These are great. It makes me happy I have a dog to snuggle with…unless she’s gassy. Then I don’t appreciate napping on top of her 🙂