They Use Us, We Use Them

That’s the way it works. The ol’ circle of life. Any questions?




1. “This is our beloved little guy Bear! He’s 10 yrs old.” -Rebecca B.
2. “This is Daisy and her foster dad, Steve Friedman.” -Susan L.
3. “This is me, fake-napping on Baxter.” -Hilary K.
4. “My boys,” from Sara W.
5. “Buckley the Beagle & Harry the Terrier mix commandeering dad’s nap.” -Brandi O.


  1. Sure that’s not a real bear?

  2. My thought, too! What an appropriate name…

  3. I.
    to be.
    the third.

  4. baileysgrandmom says:

    Well, it looks like there’s plenty o’ room for another hoomin or two on big fluffy dogue’s side–just hop on in!

  5. Okay! :)

  6. That’s me!! Yay! It was super awesome :)

  7. Great Pyrenees are great pillows! :)

  8. Omg, the boy and the puppy are beautiful.
    Well, they’re all amazing and heart-warming, but that one kilt me ded.

  9. Arrrggg! I just said the baby-dog word!!! [slaps self on side of head]
    I’m having some mac & cheese in the mod lounge – anyone want to join me?

  10. *brings a fork….* I’m a lil late to the party…did you finish all the mac and cheese Ceejoe?

  11. Man caves, indeed!

  12. Birdcage says:

    I’m sometimes sad that I don’t have a dog to nap on. And I don’t recommend napping on a parrot which is my only pet-opportunity-for-napping-in-this-house. Also my parrot isn’t well so I appreciate everyone’s warm-fuzzy thoughts & prayers for him.

  13. Birdage, i hope your feathered friend gets well!

  14. Sending warm fuzzies. What did the vet say?

  15. Healing thoughts to your birdie, and comfort to you Birdcage. Keep us posted.

  16. Aw, Birdcage i hope your bird pulls through soon.

  17. Lots of fuzzies and prayers comin’ your way for your dear parrot. I hope he makes a full and fast recovery. It’s so, so worrisome when our kids aren’t well. *big hugs*

  18. Baxter looks nearly as comfortable as a big giant sleeping Totoro.

  19. I really wish I had a big, fluffy dog to take naps with.

  20. These are so excellent! Please make this a TAG, maybe SPOONING. I liked all the real ones. And the one where they are trying to get Dad to wake(wrote wag first, how is that for freudian?) up is so cute. I would love to see more of these.

  21. These are great. It makes me happy I have a dog to snuggle with…unless she’s gassy. Then I don’t appreciate napping on top of her :)


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