So Close, Yet-

So far.

Mariana A.: “This is our cat Amy. She has a love-hate relationship with a bird that we rescued about a year ago here in Brazil. She has never tried to attack it, but sometimes she will stand in front of the cage for hours, just looking at him.”



  1. poor birdy! he must be so scared!

  2. hahaha so cute, I had a conure parrot for over 20 years, and about 8 years ago I got a little poodle that has the exact same behaviour. Once, the parrot fell from the tree and I expected the dog to attack it but he didn’t. He just sat next to him and started barking until one of us went to the rescue. Was the sweetest thing! sometimes, cats are just curious. Our cat sits quietly while our hamster walks all over him, it’s weird! I am from Paraguay!

  3. We call it cat TV at our house. And I doubt the poor birdy is scared, He’s used to it by now.

  4. Very weird. Apparently Paraguayan (is that the right word?) cats don’t eat hamsters. I’m pretty sure American ones do. 🙂

  5. “I tawt I taw a Putty Tat!”

  6. I’ve got a pet rat and a pet cat, and the cat loves to watch the rat. I don’t think she’d ever attack it; I have let them play a little under verrry close supervision and the cat just sort of gently bats at the rat.

  7. Madame X says:

    Iz not food, iz entertainment…

  8. kibblenibble says:

    I also had a conure for 20 years. His name was Scout. Scout used to jump down off of his cage and run right up to my cat. Then they would just look at each other without moving, until I ran over and picked him up. Scout used to preen the whiskers of another cat I had. I miss the little guy.

  9. The Original Jane says:

    I love the composition of this photo. The colors, silhouettes, story. My high school photography teacher would have given it high marks. 🙂

  10. That kitty probably just wants to give the little birdy a hug.

  11. I agree. Very nice photography skills! It kinda has that “I’m watching you. Aaaaalways watching you” look to it. 🙂

  12. Thanks guys! Amy is really adorable and she really enjoys watching our bird, “Chiquinho.” I don’t think he is scared of her, because she has done this for over a year, and he never seemed to worry. We always watch Amy, very closely though. Chiquinho, the bird in the picture, was rescued a few years ago. He flew into our house, with a bleeding eye and a broken paw. He had escaped from somewhere and was probably attacked. He is doing well now, though and Amy loves to watch him sing!

  13. Your cat, Amy, looks like she does not know what to do with that bird, Mariana A. 🙂

  14. baileysgrandmom says:

    My first glance at the photo had me trying to figure out if that little silhouette in the upper right area of the cage was a tiny hamster sitting at an even tinier computer…really must get my dosage upped again.

  15. I see the hamster too! OMG, that is awesome.

  16. Boy does this bring back memories. My childhood cat Loora had such a love-hate relationship with our parakeet Hansie. She would sit and stare for hours – we’d enter the room to find her staring and make her stop. And then finally after months, she would actually leap at the cage and sometimes knock it down. Then we would all yell at her and set everything to rights, he was never hurt, and for weeks she would avoid the whole room. Then it would start up again, bit by bit, STARING, till after six months or so she was again spending time every day staring at him (we would always discourage this but we weren’t always able to stop it). Then she would once again make the move and get in trouble and the cycle would begin again. Finally the long-drawn-out drama ended when Hansie died of old age…

  17. hahaha is perhaps a vegetarian cat! 🙂

  18. I loved my parrot so much! He could play peekaboo, he would dance tango and lambada with me, sing opera and loved sitting on my shoulder while I was studying at university. He also learned to kiss my hand and every time you would blow him a kiss he will as for more more. 😀

  19. ♫♪…to dreeeeam the impossible dreeeeeam….♪♪

  20. Soon