Muddy Buddy

Here’s mud in yer eye, and in yer mouth and in yer ears and yer nose and ‘tween yer toes and pretty much all over.

“I was dogsitting for my neighbor’s bulldog named Pretty Girl when I heard a splashing noise and discovered she loves mud puddles.” – Kelley S. Photo taken in Casselberry, FL.


  1. Oceanview says:

    Mais oui, that makes me remember, little Mudeleine.

  2. That is a very satisfied expression on her face! Almost smug.

  3. agreed.

  4. She is now Pretty messy Girl!

  5. Pretty Girl is very Happy Girl, Girl, though! You are now the favorite sitter!!

  6. Madame X says:

    That there is one happy doggeh!

  7. Madame X says:

    As well as one dirty b-word-for-a-female-canine!

  8. I think it’s funny. 8O :)

  9. That’s not funny.

  10. Msdove-thejrtlady says:

    I agree :( not funny. But she is a very happy muddy pup!

  11. Half dog, half baby hippo, all awesome…

  12. The tip of her peenk tongue, people!!!

  13. Indeed–it really jumps out from the spotted brown background! Cute little dirty-but-proud girl.

  14. katrinab73 says:

    awwwwwww what a face!!!!

  15. Hehe, she almost looks like a bullfrog in this picture.

  16. PRETTY girl? Seriously? I mean, she’s super cute and all, but PRETTY? Now, Muddy Girl might be more appropriate.. ;)

  17. Uh-oh, someone is getting a B-A-F. :D

  18. Mikeyfur says:

    Totally worth it!

  19. And appropriately named, too!

  20. “That was AWEsome! You’re the best sitter EVAR! Now we go get In-n-Out, right?”

  21. no wonder she’s a Pretty Girl ! Mud pack are awesome for a girls complexion !!


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