Lean Green Crawlin’ Machine

He was lost, and then he was found!


“I found this cute fella barking up the wrong tree at the dog park. I carefully pointed him towards a more appropriate tree and provided a small snackage.” -Renée P.



  1. And this why humans are not allowed to travel back in time! 😉

  2. 260Oakley says:

    How nice of you provide re-leaf to this little green dude. You are a catte-pillar of society!

  3. If this “cute” little green dude is what I think he is, he will completely destroy a tomato plant overnight without even working up a sweat. Think I will move along to some sort of mammal–my fresh summer salads are too important to me!

  4. Aw, people like you who take the time to help such a tiny creature (that I find quite cute, BTW!) are the best! 🙂
    P.S. Brilliant as always, 260Oakley!

  5. My first giggle of the day. Thanks!

  6. snackage is my new favorite word

  7. Nicefrenchgurl says:

    in my new place, people call me crazy (I moved from the city to the country) because I will ALWAYS help snails cross the street

  8. Renee is awesome!!!

  9. Yeah! Some cuteness love for the often underappreciated insect world! Go green guy go!

  10. We will be crazy together. Whenever I see worms struggling across dry concrete, I pick them up and put them in the grass to the side close to the dirt.
    Then I feel sick but laugh because I remember Calvin and his work mucking. Golly, I miss that cartoon.
    Such a beautiful green color on our guest above.

  11. Catepillars and wormy things normally creep me out, but he’s so translucent and green that he’s quite dazzling to behold.

  12. catvicc4r says:

    Face-hance in first pic looks like Mr McWormersons needs braces for his buck TEEF!

  13. I help tired honey bees.

  14. Yup, me too. 🙂

  15. lisaLASSIE says:

    I am joining the Rescuers of Various McCreepersons Society.

  16. Butterfly Momma says:

    Definitely not a tomato worm. Could be an Eastern Tailed Blue or some other type of adorable, small blue butterfly, especially if he looked kinda fuzzy: http://bugguide.net/node/view/12666
    I would have taken him home to watch him hatch!

  17. But does he know the way through the Labyrinth?

  18. I was leaning toward something larger than a blue. I’ve been perusing WhatsThatBug and am leaning toward an early instar of a polyphemus moth. It would be great if Renee or CO could submit the photos to them for identification. I know I’d love to know for sure what he/she is!

  19. Renée P. says:

    I found him in the middle of the wooded area at Tails ‘N Trails Dog Park in Arlington, TX.