A Mouse In The House

Sondre Strøm L. posted to the CO Facebook page. “A wild mouse moved into my house, and I started feeding it peanuts. Then I caught it on “tape”! It’s super cute! (It shows up about 27 seconds in..) Enjoy. :).” So you go to YouTube for more info:

Det bodde en mus hos meg en liten periode, jeg fora den med peanøtter og andre godbiter. Så en dag satte jeg opp webcameraet mitt (som har en overvåkingsfunksjon) for å se om jeg kunne catche den på teip! Og JADA! Jeg sier ikke mer, værsågod!

Had to run THAT bad boy thru The Google translate. I know it’s Norwegian, but it feels so Ikea to me. You know, a recliner named JADA?

There lived a mouse with me a little time, I forums it with peanuts and other goodies. Then one day I set up my webcam moraine (which has a monitoring function) to see if I could Catch it on tape! And JADA! I say no more, you’re welcome!

Now that we have THAT cleared up, let’s go to the videotape! And JADA!



  1. murkle46 says:

    Cute mouse.
    I wouldnt recommend doing this.Mice can be very destructive,unsanitary,and if it’s a pregnant female you can end up with a problem requiring the loss of too many mousey souls to resolve it.

  2. Apparently, jada = yeah. (Google Translate tends not to translate all-caps words, presumably on the assumption that they’re acronyms.)

  3. What if you right-click on the mouse?

  4. Kristen S. says:

    Music/sound was so obnoxious that I had to mute it. Cute mouse, though!

  5. My parents get mousies occasionally and unfortunately their cats have a habit of catching them when I am housesitting. 😦

  6. fleurdamour says:

    You get a drop down menu.

  7. fleurdamour says:

    I wonder what our puns look like when they’re Google- translated.

  8. Same here.

  9. That was my first thought as well.

  10. Get a humane mouse trap and put it back into the wild where it belongs. They can carry disease and that’s not cute although the mousie itself is adorable.

  11. I also.

  12. Yum. I’m placing my order.

  13. Hva hvis du høyreklikker på musa?
    Du får en rullegardinmeny.
    Yum. Jeg er å plassere min bestilling.

  14. Msdove-thejrtlady says:

    They definitely multiply quickly. When I was at vet tech school we came in one day to 20 babies between 2 females, luckily we found homes for all of them 🙂 where they would not become snake food.

    Wild Mice are cute but belong outdoors in the wild

  15. doomchild says:

    I’m sorry, but I just can stop laughing at the “And JADA!”. Just too hilarious! 😀

  16. What if you right-click the mouse? You will get a drop-down menu. Yum. I am placing my order
    ^oo^ that is interesting – this mouse will not stand still to be clicked

  17. I hope my translation fits what you want to say

  18. The only close up (sorta) mouse experience I have is when one of my past cats brought a mouse that had gotten into his catio into the house . it looked a lot smaller than that one, does that mouse look a tad bigger than a normal mouse?

    BTW the mouse my cat caught & brought in was captured & released unharmed because my indoor boy didn’t have a clue about mice having never seen one before.

  19. Jada Pinkett Smith keeps looking around and saying “Yes? Yes?” 😛

  20. At musen er super søt! Flere mus videoer!

    (Because of this video and google translate, I now know a phrase in a Scandinavian language that has absolutely nothing to do with police procedural drama! Thanks, Cute Overload!)

  21. Mikeyfur says:

    I found myself sitting very still while I watched so I wouldn’t frighten him away.

  22. Once A Fish says:

    I spend my summers in a trail hut, and there’s no clear boundary where human beings leave off and nature begins. As long as the mice aren’t scurrying over me WHILE I’M ASLEEP, they are welcome to stay. (Have-a-heart-traps and not-so-heartful traps do NOTHING to control where they roam. Even the camp cats have given up on hunting them.) It’s not usual to share one’s dinner with a mouse or two in my neck of the woods.

    And JADA!

  23. mollykubik says:

    Me too, Mikeyfur! Even to holding my breath!

  24. Skitter …. zoom!

  25. Oceanview says:

    Ahem, perhaps the mouse’d get so scared by the right-click that something else dropped down.

  26. Oceanview says:

    So glad you said that, Kristen. Was beginning to think I’m an old fuddy-duddy (which of course I still might be).

  27. Don’t thank us, thank The Internet©®℗℠™☜☺♡✆☢Ω℃

  28. Wild mice are so cute, but they belong outside. Once at work, a pregnant mouse got into the snack machine and left her babies in the bin where your food gets dropped
    ! D: It was so gross and we had to tape it shut in case someone stuck their hand in and felt around for their snickers

  29. fleurdamour says:

    That was my gist.

  30. 1 Mus, 4 Peanotter!
    (This might have to become part of my vernacular,)

  31. Sn

  32. Snicker!

  33. The main reason I felt comfortable having this mouse inside, was because I knew what room it was in, but when it started gnawing on the wall by the window, I had to set it free.. :,/ Poor thing wanted some fresh air. It has also been gnawing on a lot of stuff, but hey, that’s just stuff! Can be replaced. I’m also still finding hazelnuts hidden around inside.. Haha. Mice are so adorable.

  34. CrankyAmy says:

    Interesting to see that “Instant Replay” is “Instant Replay” in other languages.