You’re Givin’ Me An Ack Attack!

Hi, I’m Pansy. Can I get personal for a moment? I’d like to…well, bring up a topic that….no one really talks about:


Today is National Hairball Awareness Day. We all tiptoe around this subject–well, some hoomins actually step in this subject. But hairballs are a continuing problem, and we’re here to address the issue. Click here to learn more, and thank-you for your support.


Pix submitted by Elizabeth S. Headline inspired by ONJ from Back In The Day.



  1. 260Oakley says:

    Celebrating the day when the Montgolfier brothers’ cat, having spent too long in front of the fire, coughed up the first hot hairball-oon.

  2. That is one gorgeous kitteh. And I’ve found hairball control foods to be really, really helpful in reducing the acking.

  3. Wow, teeniest of schnozzes. 😯

  4. I didn’t know it was National Hairball Awareness Day but I guess my cats did because one of them left me a hairball to clean up this morning.

  5. Ok, that video should come with a warning not to watch it while you’re eating. lol…

  6. SoccerSue says:

    Ha! At least the hoomins were just faking it. I swear, my cats WAIT until I’m eating to barf.

  7. Ellen W. says:

    Pansy is so pretty!

  8. My husband and I won a Halloween costume contest the year I dressed as a cat. When asked what he was (home made expandable spray foam vest with cat food and hair sprinkled on it before it dried) I did my best imitation of a cat hacking up a hairball at him. Everyone laughed when given the demonstration. Ahhhh, good times and good memories.

  9. Those eyes will mesmerize anybody! So pretty!

  10. Cool but EWWWWWW! 😉

  11. Wowzer, that is one beautiful kitty cat…..I guess she can pretty much get away with anything using those green eyes…..plink, plink !

  12. yeah. that’s one pretty kitty. holy cow.

  13. AWW 😀 Pix is such a beautiful white cat, Elizabeth S. 😀 Is Pix a boy or a girl kitty?