Friday Haiku Too: Handsome

Relief for Handsome?
A breeze to the muzzlepuff
Helps on a warm day


“My sister’s new cavalier puppy (Handsome.)” From Kelly M.



  1. Has he been watching Tangled? He’s really good at the smolder! 🙂

  2. tommygirl says:

    Sweet dreams!!

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Looks like Gene Kelly
    In “The Dancing Cavalier”
    Such a Handsome lad

  4. Maybe you’re not tall
    Maybe you’re not dark
    But you sure are something else

  5. he has eyebrow dots!
    and the cutest little smirk
    I have evah seen


  6. wuyizidi says:

    Having lunch with my cousin and her friends one time, when the topic of her dogs came up, she said “The younger one is more active, always seeking people’s attention. The older one (a cavalier) is quiet, but he’s handsome, and he knows it.” At which time all her friends around the table nodded their heads in unison, some in a quiet voice “yes, yes he is.”

    So I take it cavalier’s handsomeness is an universally established fact 🙂

  7. Cavalier Lover says:

    Love, love, love cavaliers. I have the sweetest one in the world. This one is the second cutest.

  8. i think my next dog(s) will be cavaliers (sorry, my dear puggies, whom I love dearly, but will never be replaced). gene and ginger are definitely names on the top 10 list.