Bonus CO Repost AKA Ellie Audio Update—–By Request!

[Remember “Ellie” from earlier in the week? We had a request from “Petless in Puddletown” as follows:]

nn  bngbngb

Voilà, Ellie in all her purrrrrrrrrrrrr-fection. Turn it up a bit for the full effect.

From Cuteporter Lauren U.: “Here’s my 14 year old kitty, Ellie, de-stressing after a rough week in Watertown, MA. (We’re a little less than 1 mile from where they caught him.) She spent the morning fluffing her toe fuzz and promptly fell asleep purring.”



  1. Coffee Cup says:

    This is kind of like therapy.

  2. petless in Puddletown says:

    Purrzackly! Y’ALL ROCK!!! I am verklempt… I never dreamed you’d see my plea and answer my prayers! I have been petless for 4 years… but I still have a recurring nightmare in which I’ve forgotten to clean the litterbox for like, weeks. XOXOXO
    P.S. Sorry, Needs Cheering!!

  3. My kitties send you purrs and hugs!

  4. Needs Cheering says:

    This killed my Google Reader completely. In a very real and not metaphysical way.
    Cease and desist (whatever it is).
    Google Reader is dying, have mercy until the corpse is buried.

  5. Purring . . . or snoring? A little of both, I’d say, and it’s adorable.

  6. Lauren U. says:

    Oh, she snores, too!

  7. Very adorabuhls, but it would be even more purrfect (is that even possible) if i didnt have to turn up my speakers to hear the purrification. =^-^=

  8. It’s not a honk-shu but a purr-shu!

  9. fleurdamour says:

    Like this?

  10. Floofy don’t ya think? Love her.

  11. The feets!! Glorious.

  12. It’s balm for the soul.

  13. Sheilagh says:

    How about 9 hours of purring?

  14. fleurdamour says:

    From Boston via gay Purr-ee!

  15. Desdemona says:

    This is a purrrrfect picture of how all you Watertownians and Bostonians must be feeling. Take a load off! Youse all deserve it — we’re so happy you all can take a little time to de-stress!

  16. MinglesMommy says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  17. AWW :D Ellie has such a lovely PURR :D I could listen to it all day :D


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