Bonus CO Repost AKA Ellie Audio Update—–By Request!

[Remember “Ellie” from earlier in the week? We had a request from “Petless in Puddletown” as follows:]

nn  bngbngb

Voilà, Ellie in all her purrrrrrrrrrrrr-fection. Turn it up a bit for the full effect.

From Cuteporter Lauren U.: “Here’s my 14 year old kitty, Ellie, de-stressing after a rough week in Watertown, MA. (We’re a little less than 1 mile from where they caught him.) She spent the morning fluffing her toe fuzz and promptly fell asleep purring.”




  1. Coffee Cup says:

    This is kind of like therapy.

  2. Needs Cheering says:

    This killed my Google Reader completely. In a very real and not metaphysical way.
    Cease and desist (whatever it is).
    Google Reader is dying, have mercy until the corpse is buried.

  3. Purring . . . or snoring? A little of both, I’d say, and it’s adorable.

  4. Very adorabuhls, but it would be even more purrfect (is that even possible) if i didnt have to turn up my speakers to hear the purrification. 🐱

  5. It’s not a honk-shu but a purr-shu!

  6. Floofy don’t ya think? Love her.

  7. petless in Puddletown says:

    Purrzackly! Y’ALL ROCK!!! I am verklempt… I never dreamed you’d see my plea and answer my prayers! I have been petless for 4 years… but I still have a recurring nightmare in which I’ve forgotten to clean the litterbox for like, weeks. XOXOXO
    P.S. Sorry, Needs Cheering!!

  8. It’s balm for the soul.

  9. My kitties send you purrs and hugs!

  10. The feets!! Glorious.

  11. Lauren U. says:

    Oh, she snores, too!

  12. Sheilagh says:

    How about 9 hours of purring?

  13. fleurdamour says:

    From Boston via gay Purr-ee!

  14. fleurdamour says:

    Like this?

  15. Desdemona says:

    This is a purrrrfect picture of how all you Watertownians and Bostonians must be feeling. Take a load off! Youse all deserve it — we’re so happy you all can take a little time to de-stress!

  16. MinglesMommy says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  17. AWW 😀 Ellie has such a lovely PURR 😀 I could listen to it all day 😀