Puffins? Yes, PUFFINS!

Can YOU scratch your own back with your nose? DIDN’T think so.



“Hi, I’ve just come across your website and thought you might want to share this cute/sad puffin pic?”

“Photos taken by me, Kevin S., Sumburgh Head, Shetland, UK.” Technical Info: Kevin used a Nikon D3100.

[JUST came across our website? -Ed]



  1. Birdcage says:

    Awwwww, sleepy puffin!

  2. Oh, he’s so purdy!

  3. They’re gorgeous and who knew that puffins shed their beaks?!? (And yeah, where ya been, Kevin?)

  4. “Watch me flap these useless wings!!!”

  5. Yea Puffins! I’ve seen them in person when I took a boat cruise out of St. John’s, Newfoundland.

  6. Shetland Island!!???

    That means I get to tell: the Shetland Island Joke!
    An American man moves to the Shetland Islands in Scotland. For 3 months, he makes no human contact. One day, he receives a knock on the door, so he goes to open it. At the door is a huge hulk of a man. The man says (in a very thick Scottish accent):
    “I’m hosting a party tonight, would you like to come?”
    The American replies: “I haven’t talked to anyone in months, I’d love to come!! So, what will we be doing?”
    “Oh there will be drinking, lots of wild Shetland drinking.”
    “Well, I do love a good beer.”
    “And there will be dancing, wild, wild Shetland dancing.”
    “I was voted best dancer of my high school graduation class.”
    “And there will be a fight, there’s always fighting.”
    “I did wrestle back in college.”
    “And there will be sex, wild Shetland sex.”
    “Well, I haven’t had ANY human contact in a couple of months. So, what should I wear?”
    “Come as you are. It’ll just be you and me.”

  7. Have to post this!

    There Was Once A Puffin

    Oh, there once was a Puffin
    Just the shape of a muffin,
    And he lived on an island
    In the bright blue sea!

    He ate little fishes,
    That were most delicious,
    And he had them for supper
    And he had them for tea

    But this poor little Puffin,
    He couldn’t play ‘nothin,
    For he hadn’t anybody
    To play with at all.

    So he sat on his island,
    And he cried for while, and
    He felt very lonely,
    And he felt very small.

    Then along came the fishes,
    And they said, “If you wishes,
    You can have us for playmates,
    Instead of for tea!”

    So they now play together,
    In all sorts of weather,
    And the Puffin eats pancakes,
    Like you and like me.

    – Florence Page Jaques

  8. Puffin puffin pass pass

  9. Jimbeaux says:

    Very happy that the poem has a happy ending for both puffin and fishies. And also happy that they have pancakes, because they’re the most delicious food ever. *sagenod*

  10. What’s left if the puffin left? Nuffin’!

  11. Did you know baby puffins are called pufflings? PUFFLINGS, people! .

  12. Yay! Puffins are the cutest birds ever! I just adore their silly little football shape. We need more puffins here.

  13. PhysicsProf says:

    When I was in Ireland with our college students we were in a tiny boat taking off from Roonagh quay heading for Clare Island. There, on the cliffs behind us were a dozen puffins. I screamed “Look, look, puffins!!!” The students just looked at me. What is it with college kids, anyway?

  14. goosebumps. my mom used to read this to me when I was little and I intended to post it and here you are. love love love.

  15. Catwhisperer says:

    Where’s the sad? I do not see eet.

  16. Puffins can fly! They are my favorite bird.

  17. *ded*

  18. Very informative hovertext. That is, if I could remember it.

    *crawling around like a wild animal and muttering incoherently about cute puffins*