But You Didn’t Hear it From Me

Now, mind you, I would never say a word against Marvin here. Salt of the earth, nice to his kids, active in Rotary… good fella. But, confidentially, just between you and me… He added a few feathers up top recently, if you catch my drift.

Via Bev Goodwin.



  1. This is not a particularly singular picture but NTMTOM spins it into something else.

    “Active in Rotary?”

  2. 260Oakley says:

    But does the carpet match the drakes?

  3. oddly, yes.

  4. That is *so* a rug!

  5. I’ve heard of feathering one’s nest, but this?


  7. Arrgh, it’s Donald (Duck) Trump!

  8. PS Looks like a pair of Eurasian Wigeons

  9. toupee! (touche!)

  10. Don’t these guys know you can always spot a toupee a mile away? Such vanity. 🙂

  11. emmberrann says:

    Seen whut ya dun there, Kar! Y’ever watch them traffic circles at rush hour? We all join the Rotary then!

  12. mindadale says:

    Gah! Duckies! I love duckies! Some duckies (of the mallard variety) have been visiting us at work, hanging out in our parking lot in the mornings (giving me quite the case of the worries as my bosses have a habit of driving into the otherwise empty lot a little too fast to notice foul). Today I saw a busted egg out on the asphalt that the daddy duck still seemed a little attached to. Very sad. Not sure how it happened. 😦