All For One, One For All

[Note- this email came in late Monday* from CO reader Joely W. -Ed]

“Boston-area resident and long-long time CO fan here. We are all so affected by last week and not just here in Boston. From the horrific events of Monday to a scary lock-down on Friday to relief late Friday night when they finally caught him. We’re back on with our ‘regular’ lives today*.”

“As I boarded the T this morning* with a seriously knotted stomach, I settled in to Facebook for a distraction. I saw this picture posted & started crying on the T and thought, “Yes! We are Boston! We are strong! I was so grateful for the puppies to make this message hit home for me. I had a real smile (and hope) for the first time in a week.”

Image from Peace and Paws Dog Rescue’s Facebook page.



  1. Robin Kiesel says:

    I can’t imagine the pain and fear and sorrow that you and your fellow Bostonians endured, but please know that I along with millions of people, watched and weeped and mourned with you.

  2. This is absolutely perfect. There are a number of recent images/sounds that are firmly embedded in my soul (the 8 year old boy with the face of an angel and the sound of 17,000 people at Boston Garden singing the National Anthem, to name just two) and this will now be another such image. I’m very moved by this.

  3. i’d like to take this opportunity to point out that this sort of tragedy and worse is carried out every day somewhere in this world. we have been privileged for a long time that it is very seldom done here, despite that we are the highest value target. thank the people who work to keep it that way here, and support the people who are trying to make it that way elsewhere.

    this is our bleening town.

    and by town i mean world. and by bleening i mean–SQUIRREL!

  4. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    If you watch the videos, it is important to note more people are running to help than are running away. Love and pudding to all who help… With skill, love, support, and kindness. This is what makes us strong!

  5. Except for the three people who sadly died at the scene from trauma, every single person who was injured will live, thanks to the quick triage assistance they received from bystanders who rushed to help them. That says something really remarkable.

  6. Coffee Cup says:

    The whole crowd singing the anthem and the Bruins and Sabres saluting at TD Garden just gave me all the feels.

  7. *snf* *snf* darn allergies..

  8. To quote blair and Big Papi, this is our bleening town! Boston Strong forever.

    What has been so amazing is all the kindness of people.
    This photo of an officer bringing meelks to a Watertown home
    the story of Carlos Arredondo who lost two sons (one to war, the other to depression) and pinched a man’s artery closed and saved his life
    and yes, even the Yankees (who now I guess only mildly s*ck 🙂 ) playing Sweet Caroline.
    People are pretty darn awesome.
    Hugs to Joely!

  9. fleurdamour says:

    I am from Texas, and I’d also like to give a CO shout-out to the people of West, who lost some of their own in last week’s terrible accident. CO is Texas Strong, too. 🙂

  10. I feel sorry for the people of Boston having to go thou this. I am glad they caught him so quick as well .. But I feel sorry for the pup on the right .. Couldn’t they fine a Burins or Patriots Cap for him ?

  11. if you squint, you can turn his ears into a tricorn

    reminding us that beantown has a history of dealing with people who threaten our liberty

  12. A huge hug and prayers to the people of West TX. They’ve lost lives, homes, jobs, and community. Texas Strong might be even stronger than Boston Strong. 🙂

  13. This brought a tear to my eye today: The humans lucky enough to live with canine roommates organized a “Free dog cuddles” day in a park in Boston last week

  14. My husband and I have visited places all over the United States, from New York to L.A. and up and down the East Coast but neither of us has ever been to Boston.
    I don’t know why, we have nothing against Boston, it just never happened. But we promissed ourselves this week that we will be going there in the near future.
    Keep strong Boston!

  15. Boston’s pretty awesome, really.

  16. AWW 😥 I am sending you a BIG CYBER HUG from up here in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, Joely W. 😥 Please pass it on to all your fellow Bostonians 😥

    I also want to add that the Canadian Government was able to stop a terriorist plot to blow up a V.I.A. Rail Train that would of left Toronto, Ontario, Canada and arrived in New York, New York, U.S.A. 😥 It is on Yahoo News 😥

  17. AWW 😥 I am sending you a BIG CYBER HUG, fleurdamour 😥 Please pass it on to the people of West, Texas, U.S.A. 😥

    Boston and West are both STRONG 😥 U.S.A. STRONG 😥

  18. The 😥 are show how I feel and the sympathy I feel for both places 😥

  19. emmberrann says:

    As a long-time adopted Bostonian, I was in an awful state during the past week. I love my Beantown-on-the-Charles! And I have been awestruck with the outpouring of support and kindness from everywhere. We are Boston strong. Always.

  20. Many hugs from NH to Texas and fleurdamour. ❤ ❤ Texas strong!!!

  21. no one has noticed the SneakyURL™ …..hmmmm….

  22. Yay for our Canadian friends! Canada’s like that life-long friend with the unorthodox sense of humor you can always count on to have your back!

  23. Wonderful picture…but shouldn’t somebody photoshop a Boston Terrier in there?

  24. fleurdamour says:

    Barbecue and Boston cream pie to all of CO!

  25. fleurdamour says:

    I don’t know about that – like Stephen Colbert said, Bostonians are people who run 26 miles in the cold on their day off, but since Texans rope cattle for fun, I’d be willing to call it even.

  26. fleurdamour says:

    I’ve only been there once, but I thought it was beautiful. The sunset over the harbor was amazing, and the people I met were really nice. I plan to visit again, too.

  27. Hugs and warm thoughts for the Bostonian CO contingency…and cream pie too…mmmm cream pie. Can I haf some too??

  28. “unorthodox sense of humor” Yep that’s us alright 😆

  29. Putting this pic. on my desktop and printing out 2 copies, 1 to save, 1 to hang on our front window. Hugs to Boston and to Texas.
    Canada I miss you. Upstate New York being just a couple hours from the border
    Nat. Anth. are sung at all sporting events. Your flag flies with ours, and your d*** change mixes in with ours. Been across the border a few times in the past to visit Tor. zoo. and other places.
    Speaking of SQUIRREL’s– Canada has large black fluffy ones. They really are so beautiful, really fluffy, and freaking huge. 🙂

  30. Sharon Wilson says:

    What?? Not ONE of those dogs is a Boston terrier!


    “He was one of those guys who could help everybody do anything”
    “He just liked to help people”
    He was a regular at community fundraisers, always donating to the needy
    “Anybody that needed help, he was there”
    “He was a wonderful husband and father”
    “Just a loving, kind man”
    His true passion was helping people
    “If he was able to be there, he was always there”
    The 45-year-old father of three was someone whom people called when they needed a hand

  32. Roping poor calves, grrrr! I once had a boss who did that and boy he did not understand my objection to his “sport.”

  33. Pawsome pic!

  34. Oh, yeah 😀

  35. Your change mixes with ours and we don’t mind, alexa 😀 Oh, yeah, our Canadian squirrels are BIG ONES 😀 They have to be that way to live up here 😆

  36. Agreed! America needs to stand strong… We cannot tolerate this sort of behavior on our soil! God Bless America!!!

  37. It does…and I can’t imagine living like that…everyday wondering if you are going to be blown up. My heart has always gone out to the Israeli people…going to a cafe for tea can be dangerous!

  38. Amen!

  39. You are obviously NOT familiar with these three! 🙂 They are on FB a lot with many different signs.

  40. For anyone who’s confused, the above comment got displaced from my Texas stream, above.

  41. 🙂