It’s Tongues-Day

Having said that, it’s entirely appropriate that “Pnut” makes an appearance today on CO.

Cuteporter In Charge: Angela B.



  1. mariposas says:

    Sweet lil happy face! the pink tongue is too much!!!

  2. It’s Tongues’ Day? That explains how my chihuahua greeted me this morning. 🙂

  3. Not to mention a very boop-able nosicle. BOOP.

  4. Angela B says:

    As Pnuts hoomin, I can say she’s a total love bug! She is in training to be an urban rescue dog and I took this pic after one of her classes. She was tired for sure but still super cute!

  5. Christine says:

    Is little Peanut a Border Terrier? Little otter face!!!!!

  6. Angela B says:

    She’s actually a Lhasa Apso:)