Does She… Or Doesn’t She?

I know what you’re thinking: how does she get those gorgeous frosted highlights? Between you and me, it’s Clairol Hair Color for Monkeys. Highlights that last, even in the hot springs. And so natural, only my head-lice checker knows for sure.

Via the aptly-named BinaryApe.



  1. NOMTOM, another entry for the coffee table book!

  2. Her hightlights are great but she over did it with the rouge. 😉

  3. marthava says:

    She could use a little foundation to even out that redness.

  4. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful…

  5. Only my head lice checker knows for sure?! *cackle* Oh that’s delightful! Thank you.

    Maybe she’s born with it…maybe it’s Monk-aline!

  6. She looks just like Samantha after her facial peel on “Sex and the City”

  7. Beautiful eyes.

  8. “… only my head-lice checker knows for sure.” Classic, perfect NOMTOM!

  9. Channeling Farrah Fawcett

  10. Andi in NC says:

    ouch – you’re makin’ my sides hurt……..

  11. Indeed! Reminds me of my relief when a very nice, but rather enthusiastically made up older lady sat beside my son and myself on a London bus and didn’t understand my 1 1/2 year old’s Canadian accent as he very excitedly announced, “Clown, Mummy! Clown!

  12. Humble monkey embarrassed by her own beauty. Inspiring, really.

  13. 😆 Kids tell it the way they see it or as we say in French: “La vérité sort de la bouche des enfants”

  14. i bet she’s got a sloth who makes housecalls

  15. She was so pleased with her highlights she told two friends & they told two friends………..

  16. Catwhisperer says:

    and so on, and so on…

  17. Mona Lisa wants her smile back…