Super ResQte: Apple Moonbeam

Cuteporter Mal alerted us to this one. Apparently, this little critter was rescued in the woods by a hoomin who was taking photos, and the hoomin’s dogs adopted her.

















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  1. I LOVE the name Apple Moonbeam.

    *waits for nuffers to talk about how dangerous it was to let the doggehs to get so close to the squirrelo*

    The way the dogs in this series are like reminds me of my cat and my rat. My cat is fascinated by my rat. Not to eat her — rats are generally too big to be of interest to cats anyway — but just to stare at her. I have had them play together (under close supervision of course) and they’ve been nose to nose, and the cat gently paws the rat and likes to bat at her tail.

  2. Coffee Cup says:

    Doesn’t the squirrelio and carpet count as Matchingks?

  3. Awww, what nice pups.

  4. Doug the dog: “SQUIRREL !” (Up!)

  5. I love it when pets have pets of their own 🙂

    Also what an absolut little darling!

  6. What lovely puppers… wonder what their names are…

  7. Scout and Maverick.

  8. oh I see that now, [blushing], thank you!

  9. I know you all know this, but…dogs are awesome! I love them being so careful around this little guy!

  10. MinglesMommy says:

    Absolutely beautiful – made my day!

  11. Marc Antony (or Antonies..), we really must talk about your bringing all these animals into the house.

    Oh, and Bebeh skwerlio squeee!

  12. bluebird says:

    dog taxi!

  13. whawhawhatsis says:

    Adopted dad taxi?

  14. 17 pix and 4 videos are just a little too much, even though the squurl is cute.

  15. I meant an absolute little darling. I swear I haven’t been drinking Absolut Vodka.

  16. Cleosmom says:

    wonderful story and such precious names for the pets and the pets’ pet .. Apple Moonbeam …

  17. rdhwyalane says:

    You actually counted?

  18. Norbertsmom says:

    It would be okay if you were, cause it’s always 5:00 somewhere 🙂

  19. My dear, too much is never enough!

  20. Killer Klown says:

    Did we miss the name of the site?
    Cute _Overload_ 🙂

  21. I can’t get over the sweet pictures! This post made my day! 🙂

  22. pics on C.O. are little happy pills that does a heart good, lifting spirits if needed or just provding a good laugh. knowing C.O. is here for all of us, good day or not so good 🙂 !!!
    C.O. = getting your ‘AWWW Tank’ filled.
    I also love that the comment section lets us be there for those who need help during a disaster and being able to provide support an hugs to those grieving the loss of a pet.
    I know I’m standing a bit on the soapbox, this post is’net written as a slap down, just that I feel so strongly about this place. Each and every day when my hubby gets home from work I have saved a photo to desktop to show him. He is a police officer but I’m quite sure this site helps people in any job postion destress. Many cheers for C.O. staff and for all of us.
    Ok jumping off box now.

  23. Agreed. 🙂

  24. This is lovely although I’m a tiny bit worried about the photo with the faucet running onto the bebeh’s head while in the nest in the sink on top of an electric heating pad. Last I heard, water and electricity, not a good idea.

  25. Hear hear! I agree with you 1000%!!!

    Thank your hubby for all of us – it takes a special kind of person to put their life on the line each and every day to protect the Nation and his/her community, like police officers, firefighters and soldiers do. And thank YOU, because it takes a very very special kind of person to love someone who does…

  26. S

    That is all.

  27. Cambridge Rat Mom says:


  28. Touché!

  29. Thank You. We both feel so blessed to be in each others lives.
    It’s the days when they having training to keep thier skills sharp and/or to keep up with any and all changes. It brings all of what the job entails into my mind. Thank God for the training days.
    It’s just that on work days I don’t dwell on it. He keeps his phone on vibrate so I can leave a daily love you, as well as reguler stuff like– we need such an such from the store ect. Keeping it normal, keeping it, well, just keeping it.
    My heart breaks for all the service member familys who don’t get to be with each other everyday.

  30. It’s such a double-win when a photographer does a resQte. Such wonderful images!

  31. love to see guys being sweet with animals. ❤

  32. No judgment here Gigi 🙂 As Norbertsmom said…it’s 5 pm somewhere 🙂

  33. I know. I fell dead after the first pic.

  34. Ah! Mods?!! Sharpy…is the chocolate fountain still workin…or are you playing in it again?

  35. Coffee Cup says:

    The faucet isn’t on, though.

  36. rescue gal says:

    Second video- do you like when you are sleeping and everyone starts poking you? Leave the poor bebeh alone! 🙂

    Those goggies are so beautiful!!

  37. mind-numbingly good stuff.

    Uh, Doc? You’re the one sched. to do surgery on my spine?? Well, tell the (college try for the correct spelling here but no guaRONtees…) anaestheologist to take the day off. I’m good. When does the surgery begin, Doc? “PUT ME IN COACH!!!” 🙂

  38. twocityshibas says:

    Awww Maverick tried to ‘groom’ Apple Moonbeam’s keister but realizes she’s just too tiny. teeheehee.

    CO – raising the bar on cuteness and reminding us that there are many many more great hoomins than bad ones. ❤

  39. Awwww! Aussie and Border Collie? Very maternal sorts…too sweet!

  40. Holly B. says:

    What awesome hoomins!!! I just fell in love with an Apple Moonbeam!! 😀

  41. Ladybird says:

    Perfect little squirrelio, and lovely doggies helping to taking care of her. Love all the pics – wouldn’t have wanted to miss a single one of them. Thanks CO!
    I often send pics from CO to my husband at work, even when he’s very busy – he doesn’t often say so, but I *know* it makes his day!

  42. They’re obviously gentle but one involuntary sneeze/snorfle and they’ve inhaled a moonbeam.

  43. It’s so exciting to be your hat.

  44. Sadly, Apple Moonbeam passed away today due to fluid in his lungs. 😦

  45. It’s a Chipmunk not a Squirrel, because of the eyes outlined in white, nevertheless a cute story anyway!

  46. This site seems to have a soft spot for heavily tattooed animal rescuers. Remember the ASPCA rescuer who took in that jawless puppy? The bikers who report animal cruelty and have orphaned kitties in their bags so they can keep up with the bottle feeding? Etc?

  47. Are we sure about this? Unless they knew the mommy was dead, might they not have left the baby out there for her to find and carry back to the nest? Baby seems to be having trouble taking milk from that syringe (though I’m not sure why — looks close enough to a nipple to me). I hope baby squirrel survives long enough to be turned loose.

  48. Jenny Islander says:

    Eh, some dogs (and cats!) are all “OMG OMG OMG IT’S A MEATBALL” and some are “Awwww, babeeee, wuvvums uzzums” and some are all “Eh, what? No thanks, not today,” and it’s up to the hoomin to pay attention and know which kind of dog or cat they have.

  49. So sad! But at least he was warm and safe instead of eaten.

  50. Both my cats liked sleeping in my guinea pigs’ big open cage. No trouble at all. Then again piggies will nip cat on the nose if it’s threatened, so cats were really respectful.

  51. I agree — tad excessive. Not sure why some posts have soooo many pics. And annoying when I’ve sent in some uber cute pics and not even one has appeared.

  52. bernadine rousseau says:

    years ago when running I found a baby squirrel walking in circles in the middle of a street..nest was way above my head/reach..putting it in the tree no use eyes had not opened…brought to wildlife rehab person for rescue