They’re Baaaaaack

Fans of Kikuma & Friends, rejoice! Another new batch of photos from Cuteporter Anry. Top to bottom: Saya, Rinka, and Kikuma. P.S. TOE BEAN ALERT in photos 2 & 3.






  1. Mmm….nothing better for Sunday brunch than toe beans!

  2. mariposas says:

    Cute & cute! My Sunday is off to a good start!! yay!

  3. ……Betty Davis eyes

  4. Hi Brinke~! Is it possible to link back to Saya’s page?
    Off topic: it’s Silvey’s birthday month! She’s officially 6 years old! 😀

  5. *sigh* THUD!

  6. Kikuma looks like an ewok!

  7. Kikuma and friends sounds like it should be the name of a kids cartoon show.