Bouncin’ On Bunday

Nothing like a little Sunday morning hotel brunch, nom nom nom.








Andy C. says “Pics of bunnies I took at the JW Marriott Resort in Phoenix, Arizona.”



  1. Grass looks so green and lush for Arizona. Probably all that free fertilizer.
    Does that cactus look like it’s been nibbled on?

  2. Katherine says:

    Heh-heh. Fertilizer!

    I love Bundays!

  3. Looks like the buns are at a wedding reception? I guess instead of bunneh bringing a ‘plus one’ it would be ‘plus one hundred’.

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  5. Oh – I’m going there *next month*! WIll keep a look out for the buns!

  6. bunnies or hares?

  7. I have stayed there and seen those buns! They have bigger ears to dissipate heat!

  8. Betsy J. says:

    Those are baby jack rabbits…big as hares and probably closely related. They get to be real big fellows when they’re grown. Lots of them in Texas where I grew up.

  9. Bad hare day 😉

  10. They’re at silflay, obvs!

    /Watership Down

  11. Jack rabbits! The males can stand 4 feet high when fully grown. Love ’em.

  12. I live in Arizona not to far from that resort and the bunnehs are out in full force right now! So. Much. Cuteness!