Splash Loses Splish After 35 Years

Mail Online says Richard Wright owned the goldfish pair for 35 years, and now Splish has passed away.

plash and Splash are believed to be the oldest tank keeps goldfish in England


plash and Splash are believed to be the oldest tank keeps goldfish in England
Photos from SWNS.com



  1. Those goldfish have been around almost as long as me!

  2. I never imagined that goldfish could live so long. Their hooman must love them very much. Rest in peace, little Splishy.

  3. Why did Splash go pink….? RIP Splish!

  4. Poor little fishies. So sad.

  5. bob drummond says:

    R.I.P. Splish ! I know hat it’s like to lose a friend after 35 years -trust me on this one !!!

  6. SlaveToCat says:

    He cried is color out. 😦

  7. Condolences to Richard on the loss of Splish. 😦 Sending prayers and good thoughts to you.

    Also sending hugs to bob drummond. *hugs* *hugs*

  8. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    RIP, little Splish. Condolences to Splash and Richard. A sad day.

  9. The fishies must have been very well cared for to live so long. I’m sorry that Richard and Splash have both lost their fish friend. *imagines Splish swimming under the rainbow bridge*

  10. Condolences on Splish–35 years! Fish are MUCH smarter than we give then credit for. They recognize their fish companions, their people, and form lasting bonds. Splash may need a new companion.

  11. Angela Scott says:

    Oh Splash, you had Splish longer than more marriages last. Sorry for your loss Richard.

  12. We never managed to get a fish to last 35 days…

    (we stopped getting fish.)

  13. sabrina rose says:

    Yes, same here. Maybe Richard could tell us about his aquarium set-up? I do know that goldfish are supposed to have much larger tanks than most people provide for them.

  14. I think this should be filed under “Cute or Sad?”

  15. Absolutely. I am just amazed that they were able to maintain their goldfish so long.

  16. kimberlyonnen says:

    Wow! That’s AMAZING that the goldfish survived this long!!

  17. I had no idea goldfish had that kind of longevity until I remembered they were a sort of carp, like Koi, and Koi can live up to and past 200 years! Still, my heart goes out to Richard and Splash.

  18. I think they just have to have really good filtration. A goldfish will grow to fit its tank so a big tank won’t be feasible unless you want a big fish.

  19. I have always thought goldfish to be indestructible. I got a tank and three fish when I was about ten years old. Three years later I was totally over it, but there was one fish left. He had lost an eye and quite a few scales, he had a ragged fin, but he just went on and on and on. After six months of wishing him dead and feeling wretched that I wished him dead, I found him a new home in a neighbours aquariam. He went on for another six or seven years after that.

  20. Justahannah says:

    That’s actually a myth…just like you can’t crate a great dane to make it stay chihuahua sized, keeping a gold fish in a small tank won’t actually make it stay small. It just makes it die before it has a chance to reach it’s genetic potential and full age of 30+ years :(.

  21. Sharpen your pencils says:

    So I teach third grade, and Splish and Splash look JUST LIKE our classroom fish, Bacon and Tarter Sauce (that’s what you get when you let third-graders name them). We check Cute Overload every day, and when this post came up, the kids were like, “when did you submit pictures of our fish??”