New Species Discovered!

Microbiologists at the Floofman Laboratories (FLab) have revealed a new form of microscopic life, which they are calling the Pugbug (wrinklius blorpulii). Shown here in this 1000X magnified photo, the Pugbug is a parasitic organism that attaches itself to a host and demands constant belly rubs and walkies.

Via kirainpdx.


  1. Kari Callin says:

    Huh! I could have sworn it was a furry, land dwelling cousin of the sea slug: a sea pug! ;)

  2. …or a pug-slug.

  3. Awwww, Puggles looks like he has sad :(
    I’ll fix that!! I will hug him and kiss him and call him George!!!! ;)

  4. Most devastating– they seem to have no neck, but wait til they whip out the Deadly Head Tilt!

  5. Help help I’m being moderated!

  6. Theresa…..are you being repressed? *gasp*

  7. Yes, yes I am being repressed!

  8. hmmmmmm this concept of claiming repression via the CO Mod Gods…feels somehow …….faMILiar to me, hmmmmmm ……..wonder why???? *shifty eyes*

  9. Holy Grail reference! *feels happy*



  11. Beetle pug

  12. I disagree, the Pugbug is not a parasitic organism, it is a symbiotic organism, in exchange for the belly rubs and walkies it gives back to its host unconditional love!

  13. fleurdamour says:

    A new strain of barkcillus

  14. fleurdamour says:

    Squee! Coli

  15. doomchild says:

    Wrinklius blorpulii *giggles*
    Can’t wait to see if any subspecies are found. Of course we all know the most common species of the genus: Wrinklius wrinklius, commonly known as a sharpiepup.

  16. The photo just cracks me up. Your description is perfect. :-)

  17. fleurdamour says:

    Also looks kinda like a pug rug. Or maybe he just needs a snug hug.

  18. omg lol. that’s some major blorpitude action going on there!

  19. Lerrinus says:

    I agree! Blorp tag, please! :-D

  20. Came here cause the internet gave me a sad then I was like awww lol. <3
    Muuuuuch better.

  21. This lovely specimen is Paige. She was laying in our larger dogs bed looking extra cute, so obviously, I had to take her picture.


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