Mom Taxi IX: Somebody Needs A Time-Out

Could you guys give it a rest, so I can have a rest?

Photo from Roselien Raimond/Caters News



  1. I think this mom need help form the Supernanny, she’s letting those kids walk all over her!

  2. …ewe awe cute

  3. Ouch, the hooves!

  4. UBER-Sproingy!!

  5. Hover lambs activated.

  6. *riotous applause*

  7. I think we’re done here now. The comments section has a winner.

  8. This is such a classic scene: whether it’s lions, lambs, or dogs, the animal parents are capable of sitting quietly, content and dignified, looking out serenely (I have food, I have space, I have freedom, I have this nice place to lie down and rest, I have my family, what else could I ask for?), while the young ones jump all over them, bite their tail, etc.

  9. Mama is so tired but uncomplaining. Sadly, there is no one to have a cup of milk with while she talks.

  10. Sheepsies should have a “farm animals” tag too.

  11. John B Hodges says:

    I grew up on a “hobby farm” with (assorted other stuff and) a ram and two ewes, plus whatever lambs each year… the ewes will put up with the lambs climbing on top of them until shearing time. Springtime, the ewes have at least four inches of wool on them, they don’t feel the hooves. Sometimes a lamb will lie down on top of the resting mother. One lamb we had jumped up onto its mother while mom was standing, but that was unstable, he did not stay long.

  12. Hey, maybe the sheep are being nice and giving their mom a baa-aa-aack massage. 🙂