Interspecies Snorgling 101, Part II

Class, earlier in the week..we discussed this classic Interspecies Snorgling case. Most fascinating. Now, we wrap up the week by heading over The Great Pond to the UK, where, according to Huffington Post UK, “Captain Owen Beynon Brown of the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery introduced his dog ‘Lord Percy’ to horse ‘Tango’.”



Sent in by Cuteporter Bogi V. Images by Getty Images/Oli Scarff.



  1. ashagato says:


  2. Looks like the RCA dog checking out the horse’s mouth the way he used to look at the gramophone.

  3. in the first pic the horsey is all “watch this, heh-heh”, then the second he’s all soft kronsche, then in the third he’s all “i was only jus foolin”

    p.s. belleh spots!

  4. Lord. Percy.

    I have no mores to give.

  5. Jen Stone says:

    They’re totally frenching!

  6. No I will leeck you tag? There is actual leecking! and what sweet snorgles!

  7. Blackadder fan?

  8. Picture #2: I know it’s horrible, but I thought of dogs eating horse meat, so turn about is fair play, no?

  9. Also, picture #2, BELLY FRECKLES!

  10. Horse leeps!!

  11. Lord Percy Percy, heir to the duchy of Northumberland!

  12. Mamabear says:

    Two candidates for ‘Men of Cute Overload’ in one day?! Yay!

    He loves pups, loves OMG ponies!!11!, has a British accent, AND is in uniform?! Bonus points for naming his pup: “Lord Percy”. Yep, we haz a nominee here.

  13. Is the pup by chance a greyhound?

  14. Easy Tango, I know Lord Percy is a sweet dog but he’s not a sugar cube! 😆

  15. Is that the Eiffel Tower in your pocket?

  16. phred's mom says:

    We are going to need extra months in the
    Men of CO Calendar! The candidates
    keep showing up and it’s only April!

  17. phred's mom says:

    Which one, or all?

  18. Madame X says:

    Iggbie’s right! This series calls for an “I Shall Leeck You” tag!

  19. Simple solution: Page-a-Day calendar!

  20. ….And one brown ear!

  21. Lord Percy! Such a cute name for such an adorable doggy! I am done for. Just stick a fork in me. 🙂

  22. done!

  23. I already have a CO Page-A-Day in the bathroom to remind me to take my pills each morning, I would so buy a MOCO to put in the other bathroom!

    Meg! MAKE IT! 😀

  24. Either a Jack Russell or a Parson Russell I would think.

  25. Martha in Washington says:

    Or perhaps a “foreign” and a “domestic” version? I’d buy both!

  26. fleurdamour says:

    Big Ben!

  27. fleurdamour says:

    Cap’n Owen = CO, so he’s a Man of CO in more ways than one.

    And it’s definitely a little hot in here.

  28. ummm…gotcha nose?

  29. So sweet, friendship.

  30. Getting to know you
    Getting to know all about you
    Getting to like you
    Getting to hope you like me……

  31. *snerk*