Friday Haiku Too: White

White as snow kitteh
Is entranced by the toy mouse
But would never hurt it.

Image by Vadim Ghirda/AP Photo.



  1. So precious!! Reminds me of my very first kitteh, Chanel, who was also pure white. So angelic 🙂

  2. The next picture in the gallery is two lambs standing on their mom! And the last one is lambs wearing sweaters 🙂

  3. kitty and mouse –
    white on white – each one thinking
    I’m adorable

  4. The photos in that gallery are beautiful!

  5. Except for the giant spider. Could have done without that one…

  6. White is white
    Angel kitty and mousie
    Playing on a cloud.

  7. emmberrann says:

    Like winter’s last gasp
    Snowy kitteh and mousie
    Playing like snowflakes

  8. hmmmmm, it wasn’t white but I found a dead mouse outside my back door this morning. It was in such perfect shape I thought at first it was a toy. How nice for my neighbor’s cat to leave me a gift!

  9. “….But would never hurt it.” – You wanna bet! I’m imagining some major back feet kick action here.

  10. That’s what I was thinking.

    Kitty gotta protect home from the invasion of the stuffed mice!

  11. What a sweet face…. my kitty has a pink leopard print mousie that she dearly loves and would never hurt either..

  12. Oh, I so want to cuddle and snorgle that sweet little white kitty 😀

  13. Totally Jersey says:

    Pretteh Kitteh!

  14. It makes me physically hurt when you guys can’t write a proper haiku…

  15. musicfoodbeerbikes says:

    Never hurt it, huh? The writer has obviously never seen one of those toy mice more than a few minutes old.

    First to go is the tail. Then the ears get ripped off. The eyes usually get gouged out next. Then, -in my house, at least- if said fake mousie hasn’t been lodged somewhere inaccessible like under the fridge, the dogs take over and remove the fur, leaving naked little plastic mouse torsos all over the house.

    It’s actually kind of disturbing.

  16. Oh yeah, I forgot about that one. *shivers running up my spine*

  17. Sadly the toy mouse is made using the fur and skin of a cat or dog

  18. Clairedelune says:

    OMG, how gruesome!! Stuffed mousies covered in fuzzy cloth only, from now on.

  19. lol, I have those in my house too…

  20. oh for heavens sake, not all of them are – just read the label