Ah, My Old Box…

Goodness, this sure brings back memories. I haven’t worn this box since I was a kitten. And look, it still fits!

Via aalien.


  1. fleurdamour says:

    Catalog delivery

  2. Amazon sells kitties?

  3. I hope so :D

  4. Coffee Cup says:

    Brought to you by the United Purrcel Service.

  5. Good one!

  6. Whackadoodle eyes? :)

  7. emmberrann says:


  8. I’m getting such a cramp!
    How does Maru do it? He makes it look so easy!

  9. What a beautifully silly kitteh.

  10. Yep :D

  11. This is hilariously funny ! ha ha

  12. The face expression is priceless!

  13. Schroedingers cat is alive! And grown up :-)


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