Wanna Get Away?

No, I most certainly DID NOT steal your dog chow!!!

From Uber Humor.



  1. Yipes. What kinda pooch is that big one? Looks like a bull!

  2. Newfoundland. Males often have fuzzy topped heads.

  3. I LUUUV how the little one is looking at the picture taker like
    “You’re seeing this right “? with an almost “you aren’t going to let him hurt me are you ?” look on it’s face.

  4. For a second I thought he is a bison! :-O

  5. Yes, edmundh!

  6. Hilarious hovertext. Yes, I think the little one is thinking exactly that! 😀

  7. Mudbug, agreed!

  8. Reminds me of this little guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr9L71mvzDg

  9. I was thinking more of a “you got my back, right?”

  10. Once upon a time, my late and lamented darling 20-lb cat Gaufredus decided not to take things lying down. When a young cat, half Gaufie’s weight, rushed him, Gaufie rushed right back. The younger kitteh made a face just like the little goggie’s and never messed with Gauf again.

  11. That looks like an antler-less moose!

  12. HA HA! Too funny! 😀

  13. My parents have a Newf… he’s the biggest baby ever. He hides in the basement when there’s thunder, and hides behind the shrubs when it’s time to get in the car for the groomer. He’s funny.

  14. I love Newfies they are big softies, they wouldn’t hurt a fly.

  15. that looks more like a hyper-tail-wagging, running-around-in-circles, done-sniffing-en-passant, launching-into-the-next-lap face.

  16. Ha! I love how he bravely keeps wagging his tail…

  17. No, but they’d drool all over them!

  18. SlaveToCat says:

    The puppy has the look of someone who is about to open a bottle of wine, in the park, and realizes a state trooper is standing behind him. Not that I would know anything about that, >.<

  19. Newfs are all about the drool, as are Great Pyrs. 😀

  20. Smallthunder says:

    Speaking of drool…
    I love Newfies, but something an owner once told me rather tempers my inclination to get one.
    He said: “I have drool marks on my ceilings.”

  21. No ‘little’ Newfie .. the beagle is not a ‘lite’ snack.

  22. I have two Newfies! I have drool on my walls, ceilings, chairs, tables, couch… they also bark a lot more than they’re supposed to, and due to their size they terrify my neighbors. But, all they really want is love. Seriously, they just want to snuggle all the time (when not barking), and I’m okay with that. 🙂

  23. mindadale says:

    …and Newfoundland is added to the list of goggies I want (which currently includes a blonde c-spaniel, a yorkshire terrier, and a pocket beagle..which, yes, was also just added the other day thanks to CO!). My hubby is not going to be happy about this.

  24. sotadragon says:

    Love the name Gaufredus and the nickname Gaufie, so full of awesome! 🙂