Not Out Here In Public!

There are hoomins watching!

“I took this a couple of months ago, in Ottawa, Ontario. Word on the street is that these two Belgians had just gotten hitched.”
-Gina D


  1. They are actually Clydesdales.

  2. “In the meadow we can build a snowhorse,
    then pretend that he is Parson Roan.
    He’ll say ‘Are You a mare?’ I’ll say ‘No man,
    I’m a Stall-ion.”

  3. [applause]

  4. Clydsdales!!!! No,I can’t spell,but I do know horse breeds.

  5. And young Clydesdales, at that!

  6. Yep :)

  7. SlaveToCat says:

    Honey, did anyone ever tell you that you taste just like Swedish Meatballs from IKEA.

  8. Aaah! That is hilarious! <3 SlaveToCat. :D :D

  9. Mein Gott.

  10. OMGBIGPONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!!

  11. Yes!

  12. They’re *snicker* HORSING AROUND! *giggle*

  13. [snicker….applause]

  14. “Dammit Marjorie, you KNOW how I feel about PDAs!”


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