Aloha Little Kitteh Dudes

Cuteporter Mike S. sent this to us with the subject line “Kitteh Awesomeness.”

Couldn’t agree more.

Read more about the Lanai Animal Rescue Center.



  1. Makes me want to go to Hawaii right now, and I wouldn’t mind spending all my time at the rescue center.

  2. Lol these kitties are so happy! Made me smile!

  3. What a bunch of absolute smoochers. I hope they get some good donations from cuteoverload viewers!

  4. It’s kitteh heaven!

  5. Nice to know that when our feline overlords evolve with opposable thumbs, they’ll still keep us around for head skritches!

  6. I just gotta!

  7. kibblenibble says:

    This should be manditory viewing for those who claim that cats are “aloof.” This reminds me of the shelter where I adopted my George. They have over 100 cats there, uncaged, and when you come in, they ALL surround you seeking love. I was overwhelmed and wanted to take them all home. I felt that again as I watched this. They are all so sweet. I wish for loving homes for all of them.

  8. Sheilagh says:

    I see some Cats in Racks action going on there, around 2:15!

  9. Look at all those happy swishy question-mark tails! Ohhhhh those are some loved and loving kittehs.

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    I want to go to Hawaii just for this. My heart melts.


  11. Awww, I love this. I guess if you’re going to be rescued, Hawaii is the perfect place. Reblogged.

  12. WHAAA?!? Our little video is on cute overload?!? I’m so excited for the good people and sweet kitties at the LARC. It’s such an amazing place staffed by incredibly dedicated people. A must-see when on the island on Lana’i. Thanks cute overload for sharing!!!!!

  13. SlaveToCat says:


  14. I wanna be a stray kitteh in Hawaii!

  15. Just one more reason for me to go to Hawaii!

  16. kitteh overload

  17. Man, those are some blissed-out cats! Is that grass or catnip planted on the lawn?

  18. Also: music awesomeness!

  19. That was head-explodingly adorable.

  20. Thanks for making such a beautiful video. I’ve never been enticed by the beaches, but this would get me there (well, this and a lottery win).

  21. Those are some VERY happy and VERY well cared for kittehs……. I’ll take 17 to go please! >^..^< oh what the heck – make it an even 20!

  22. I really miss The Muppet Show, and I really loved watching those kitties gettin’ their mellow on.

  23. Mother of Chaos says:

    A lapfull of purring, furry love! WANT!

  24. Now this is Paradise!

  25. What an awesome shelter these cats have while they wait for their forever home!!

  26. Clairedelune says:

    Thanks, Theresa! I needed a smile on this cold, gloomy day. 🙂

  27. Clairedelune says:

    This video is wonderful!! Made me really homesick for Hawai’i, spent many happy years there but missed not having a cat, since the mean apartment landlord would not let me have one. 😦 I never knew about the shelter on Lana’i otherwise I would have spent much time there loving up the kitties. Will certainly send a contribution to help keep the kitties purring! 😀

  28. Clairedelune says:

    Yep, cat paradise on an island paradise — can’t get much better than that!!! 😀

  29. This looks like heaven to me.

  30. I know- this is the lovingest bunch I ever saw. Kinda stressful tho imagining all the scritches they’d demand.

  31. Am I really seeing what I think I’m seeing at 2:15? Double-decker kitty cuddling?

  32. Hawaii is my favorite place on Earth, and I love cats more than people. If they told me I can go here when I die, I’d go headbutt a freight train this instant.

  33. Susan Baranowski says:

    The folks that run this place are wonderful. Glad to see this coverage! Aloha!

  34. Laura DragonWench says:

    I knew Hawai’i was a paradise for humans, but had no idea it was a kitteh paradise as well! Such blissed out kittehs… I want every single one of them, but only if I can move to Lana’i and have a great big kitteh plantation where they can roam around and be happy, with lots of scritches to go around.

  35. Oh, they would have to drag me out of LARC, Ohana Films 😀 If I am every to visit that place, that is what they would have to do or search me for several kitties stuffed under my hoodie 😀

  36. Yes! I’m actually the person getting the double decker cuteness! I was sitting, filming the cats, and one climbed on my lap. Then another. Then two more cats were waiting for a turn. Honestly, these cats LOVE human interaction. LARC is such a special, magical place that somehow transforms these feral cats into the cuddliest cats I’ve ever been around. They DO adopt to the mainland, people! All of these cats have beautiful stories and are looking for love. You can also sponsor a cat or donate. The “newbies” need extra attention, and it takes extra treats to get them out of their shell. Long story short, this is an amazing place. I wished I lived on Lana’i (we live on Maui) so I could go there every day. Thank you SO MUCH for helping us get the word out about these sweet kitties!

  37. eeez uv
    screetching theee kittehs, oar uv thee kiteees screeetching YOU, hmmmm???

    *hand on chin, pensive gesture*

  38. all three comments seconded —

  39. WOW now THAT my friends is genuine and full mode DEDICATION to one’s values 😯

  40. one would imagine (or at least HOPE) that
    the mgmt there has a strict policy of inspecting all hoodies on exiting the property —

  41. Paige? Are you younger than 60 yrs old? Because — 🙂

    The song This Is Heaven to Me was written by Frank Reardon,
    Ernest Schweikert and was first released by Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra in 1950.

    Another version was released on the album Careless Love/ Madeleine Peyroux. Here is the song as she did it !

  42. SERIOUSLY BELOVED MODS o CO??? no “duuuuuuuuuuuuuudes” Tag on THIS pic????

    *stifles saying “for sh@me”*

  43. Hey, I currently live in Texas with no cats…the train would only hurt for a second. 😉