Jurassic Bark

Milo, don’t you know what happens when your jeep breaks down by the T-Rex pen? Didn’t you see the movie?

Sent in by Jillian T. See more of Milo on his YouTube page.



  1. Oh no! It’s Lambchop!

    What will ewe do, Milo?

  2. It really is Lampchop! I had to watch a second time to be sure. Haven’t seen Lambchop since I was a kidlet so she (I believe Lambchop is a female) really caught me off guard.

    Also, Milo is incredibly adorable!!! I could boop that nosicle all day long. I think I’ll start right now: BOOP!!! 🙂

  3. Don’t slam the… door. 🙂

  4. OMG they did this so awesomely… I love it and MIlo is so darned cute.

  5. Lucky it wasn’t Barney – would’ve scared the stuffins out of me.

  6. The best part of this? Milo really does have a striking resemblance to Richard Attenburough. Or vice versa.

  7. Hilarious! Well done!