THIS JUST IN: Comfort Dogs Headed To Boston

This MSN story says K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs are soon headed to Boston in the aftermath of the terrible bombing. Quoting the story, “The golden retrievers were brought to Newtown, Conn., to provide comfort to people of the community after the shootings. ‘Dogs are nonjudgmental. They are loving. They are accepting of anyone. It creates the atmosphere for people to share,’ said church president Tim Hetzner.”

Photo from the K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs FB page.



  1. Oh gosh! That picture says it all.
    I could use a pupper hug right now myself.

  2. So sad.

  3. Martha in Washington says:

    Nothing makes you feel better than a big ol’ dog head on your lap!

  4. best. job. evar.

  5. Comfort dogs. Brilliant.

  6. For me, there is nothing quite so comforting as hugging a doggy. Yesterday I couldn’t wait to get home to my baby girl because I knew I’d feel better the second I took her in my arms and planted a big smooch on her silly little head.

    What’s that saying? That God was just showing off when He created the golden? 🙂

  7. who wouldn’t want a comfort Dog to hug… at any time but especially now.

  8. God bless the comfort doggehs and their humans. ❤

  9. And THAT is why God created dogs.

  10. aardwolf204 says:

    The words “terrible” and “bombing” should never appear on

    We come to cuteoverload because it’s overloaded with cute, NOT FEAR.


  11. skippymom says:

    Hey everybody, I saw a few posts back that you guys were sweet to be concerned about me. I am not in or very close to Boston and we are fine. Thank you.

  12. Hey there, you! I’m glad you’re okay, hon. *hug*

  13. Comfort dogs is a brilliant idea! There is an organisation here in Québec called MIRA and in addition to training guide dogs for the blinds and assistance dogs for people with disability, they have dogs trained specifically to help autistic children connect with the world. And I know that some dogs can smell cancer and others know when their human is going to have an epileptic episode. I’m starting to think priests got it wrong, guardian angels don’t have wings they have fur, 4 legs and a tail!

  14. Amen to that!

  15. skippymom says:

    *hug* back

  16. Don’t know about showing off, but I think He created Goldens as angel-dogs…

  17. Except maybe having the ENTIRE DOG in your lap—I once had a Mastiff puppeh leap into my lap for a cuddle . . . all 120 pounds of her. At age of 7 months. I went “OOF” but she was still so warm and snuggly . . .

    (((Boston))) indeed.

  18. *hugs* As long as all CO peeps across the globe are OK, all is good. ❤

  19. ColumbaNine says:

    Oh, you beautiful dog-angels. I remember the day my mom and I came home from my dad’s funeral, our one-year-old black Lab who was still a crazy puppy got very serene and sat with his head first in my mom’s lap and then mine while we cried for hours. Dogs help us cry and give infinite love. I am glad these dogs will go help people.

  20. ColumbaNine says:

    I am glad skippymom is fine!

  21. Just realized, I’m going to a friend’s later and she has a bunch of dogs. I think it’ll be time for a hug or two.

  22. Those puppehs are doing Dog’s work, right there. What a brilliant idea.

  23. I live in Boston, I broke my arm. Terrible explosion! Scary!

  24. sabrina rose says:

    Yes indeed. All dogs are wonderful, but Goldens can commune with someone’s soul. What a brilliant concept to create a corps of comfort dogs! They truly are man’s best friend.

  25. 😦

  26. Make sure you hug a McDoggerson. With your GOOD arm, of course.

  27. I’ll see your unsubscribe with a subscribe. 😉

  28. the Comfort dogs are great – many of them have their own facebook pages, including several puppies who are currently training to be Comfort Dogs (Zoey and Jessy Comfort Dogs, and I think Micah Comfort Dog). The Dogs also each have their own ‘business’ card which are given out freely. The facebook pages of the Comfort Dogs are updated frequently with lots of great photos of the Comfort Dogs in ‘action.’

  29. *BIG CYBER HUG* I am SO GLAD to hear that you are okay, skippymom ❤

  30. 😥 I am so glad those dear sweet K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs are goind to Boston 😥 That entire city needs each and every one of those dear sweet Golden Retrievers right now and for the near future to get through this horrible event 😥

  31. i have had two goldens in my life…Never been as happy as I’ve been with the ability to come home from a bad day and give a dog a hug. I wish I had one now

  32. richmccall says:

    I have had two Golden’s and while I had them is the best time of my life. The two dogs I had would always be there to give me a hug after I had a bad day. And I miss that very much. Today especially, I wish they were here. Although I wish they were here every day!

  33. Dont frown he is obvy having a bad day or a troll.

  34. im sorry you had to go through that Niamh – know that you and everyone affected by this horrific nightmare are in our thoughts and prayers

  35. I know when my dad died – I had to be strong for my mom and my son – as soon as we got home, my golden just jumped into my lap and gave me hugs and that sincere look they get as if she was saying – it’s ok I gotta ya covered you can fall apart now..and |I did and she stayed with me like that all night.

  36. LillyKitty says:

    Go comfort dogs, Go!

  37. Chihgirl says:

    (((Hugs))) from a fellow C.O. Fan and doggie lover (lover of doggies?…whater…(-:
    It’s interesting…when I heard about the tragedy in Boston yesterday, and had a chance to get to my ipad and read more about it, at one point I was so overcome with sadness at the events that I instinctively went to the Cute Overload website to find comfort and good cheer…and I found it. Thank you to the people who make this website, and to all of the sweet, kind-hearted people who comment on the cuteness…in the face of yesterday’s evil, the beauty of these sweet animals, and the goodness of the great majority of humanity is reflected on this website.
    -Jenn, aka “Chihgirl” or “Tinychih”

  38. pupfanatic says:

    Oh LAWWWWD, I ‘member those angel Goldens from the Sandy Hook incident; I melted then and I’m melting now. D’ohhhh: Comfort Goldens! That’s actually redundant!

  39. Bluegrasslass says:

    What a wonderful thing to do. BIIIIG love to Boston, all its peeps and anipals ❤

  40. Stressfactor says:

    I went through a bad patch of… stuff… shall we say several years back and a couple of friends of mine had a Standard Poodle who was an absolute diamond of a dog (and smarter than many people I’ve met). I’ve often said I might have fallen apart completely during that year if my friends had not been so tolerant of me just randomly showing up at their door and crying on their dog.

    And the dog was just an angel of comfort. True love in curly fur.

  41. The name rings a bit of a bell, Sharpy, but not enough (IMHO) for him to be a loss to CO. I find great comfort on CO in the face of tragedy because of the warm-hearted people who post messages of love and comfort to complete strangers.

  42. I’m sure I speak (type?) for a lot of people, Niamh, when I say how glad I am that you got away (dare I say) relatively unscathed, given the circumstances. I hope the scaredness lessens with time.

  43. Niamh, my thoughts and prayers are with you, sweetie.

  44. Hugs from NH, Niamh. I am sending many good thoughts and prayers your way. ❤

  45. I agree with bookmonstercats. Am glad CO is here.
    So yesterday the Yankees played Sweet Caroline (as did many other parks) but for Red Sox Nation, that was a very special and wonderful thing to do. Well, I will never be a Yankees fan 🙂 but they are pretty darn classy. Hugs to NY! ❤

  46. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I can’t think of anything more beautiful than a comfort dog. And Goldens truly have golden sunny temperaments. Bless them all.

  47. DogEared says:

    *passing around the tissue box for us all* This is one of the reasons i visit CO everyday and encourage others to do the same. So much love comes from dogs; we could all learn a thing or two from them.

  48. Coffee Cup says:

    I watch a lot of hockey and a lot of beat reporters said the arenas for all the games played last night played Sweet Caroline too.

  49. Coffee Cup says:

    Get well soon! Hopefully you can still hug an animal. And if anything else is bothering you, you can always talk to someone here, in real life, or everywhere.

  50. Coffee Cup says:

    High five!

  51. 🙂

  52. wendyzski says:

    We were having a bit of a party on a live kitten-cam as well.

  53. My family used to have a husky named Laika who would have been a great comfort dog. Huskies have a reputation for being standoffish, but Laika was every Golden Retriever like in temperament, very calm and snuggly. (She has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge, alas.) I think comfort dogs are a great idea.

    I miss my cat a lot right now. She’s been at Grandma and Grandpa’s visiting for the week. With the whole Boston thing I really wish I could give her a cuddle.

  54. fyi: if you want to donate to the K-9 Comfort Dogs to help pay for their trip to Boston, the link is here: . They don’t charge a penny for their Comforting Services. The dogs – a few of whom have been at Sandy Hook regularly since December – have been out in Boston visiting the injured in hospitals and on hand for Comforting at a Lutheran church a few blocks from the Marathon finish line.

  55. I love this story, so nice and beautiful, and reason why dogs are so important to us.